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Yolanda Payne is a veteran teacher and Raspberry Pi Certified Educator. After discovering a love for computers at an early age (through RadioShack Tandy), Yolanda pursued degrees in Instructional/Educational Technology at Mississippi State University, the University of Florida, and the University of Georgia. She has worked as an instructional designer, webmaster, and teacher, and she… … Continue reading →
Coolest Projects is a world-leading annual showcase that empowers and inspires the next generation of digital creators, innovators, changemakers, and entrepreneurs. Young people come to the event to exhibit the cool ideas they have been working on throughout the year. And from 2018, Coolest Projects is open to young people across the Raspberry Pi community.… … Continue reading →
A year ago we launched our Introduction to Scratch path of six new coding projects. This was the first path to use our new 3…2…1…Make! approach for prioritising fun and engagement whilst enabling creators to make the things that matter to them. Creators learn how to add code, costumes, and sounds to sprites as they… … Continue reading →
It’s been an incredible year for the European Astro Pi Challenge. We’ve sent new hardware into space, seen record numbers of young people participate in the Challenge, and received lots of fantastic programs. Before we say goodbye to the 2021/22 European Astro Pi Challenge, the Raspberry Pi Foundation and the European Space Agency are thrilled… … Continue reading →
This post has been adapted from an article in issue 19 of Hello World magazine, which explores the interaction between technology and sustainability. We may have had the Coolest Projects livestream, but we are still in awe of the 2092 projects that young people sent in for this year’s online technology showcase! To continue the… … Continue reading →
Congratulations to the thousands of creators from 46 countries who participated in Coolest Projects Global 2022. Their projects awed and inspired us. Yesterday STEM advocate and television host Fig O’Reilly helped us celebrate each and every one of these creators in our online event. Check out the gallery to see all the amazing projects. During… … Continue reading →
Last summer, the Raspberry Pi Foundation and the University of Cambridge Department of Computer Science and Technology created a new research centre focusing on computing education research for young people in both formal and non-formal education. The Raspberry Pi Computing Education Research Centre is an exciting venture through which we aim to deliver a step-change… … Continue reading →
All young people deserve meaningful opportunities to learn how to create with digital technologies. But according to UNESCO, as much as 40% of people around the world don’t have access to education in a language they speak or understand. At the Raspberry Pi Foundation, we offer more than 200 free online projects that people all… … Continue reading →
Raspberry Pi Pico is a low-cost microcontroller that can be connected to another computer to be programmed using MicroPython. We think it’s a great tool for exploring physical computing in classrooms and coding clubs. Pico has been available since last year, amid school closures, reopenings, isolation periods, and restrictions for students and teachers. Recently, I… … Continue reading →
Since the release of the Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller in 2021, we have seen people all over the world come up with creative Pico-based inventions. Now, thanks to our brand-new and free ‘Introduction to Raspberry Pi Pico’ learning path, young coders can easily join in and make their own cool Pico projects! This free learning… … Continue reading →
We’ve been running the Gender Balance in Computing programme of research since 2019, as part of the National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE) and with various partners. It’s a £2.4 million research programme funded by the Department for Education in England that aims to identify ways to encourage more girls and young women to engage… … Continue reading →
We and our partners at ESA Education are excited to announce that 299 teams of young people who entered Mission Space Lab this year have achieved flight status as part of the 2021/22 European Astro Pi Challenge. This means that these young people’s programs are the first ever to run on the two upgraded Astro… … Continue reading →
Over the last ten years, thousands of young people from all over the world have shared their digital creations at a Coolest Projects event. This year, there are a few brand-new and exciting reasons why young people will want to get involved in Coolest Projects Global online tech showcase and share their tech creations in… … Continue reading →
We’ve put together a new how-to guide for 3D printing and assembling your own Astro Pi unit replica, based on the upgraded units we sent to the International Space Station in December. The Astro Pi case connects young people to the Astro Pi Challenge It wasn’t long after the first Raspberry Pi computer was launched… … Continue reading →
Our seminars in this series on AI and data science education, co-hosted with The Alan Turing Institute, have been covering a range of different topics and perspectives. This month was no exception. We were delighted to be able to host Tara Chklovski, CEO of Technovation, whose presentation was called ‘Teaching youth to use AI to… … Continue reading →
It’s time for young tech creators to share with the world what they’ve made! Coolest Projects Global 2022 registration is NOW OPEN. Starting today, young people can register their technology creation on the Coolest Projects Global website, where it will be featured in the online showcase gallery for the whole world to see. By registering… … Continue reading →
It’s time to start your countdown! Young people from all over the world will soon be invited to share their digital creations at Coolest Projects Global 2022, our world-leading online technology showcase event for young creators. In mid-February, project registration opens for a new and improved, online-only experience. Through Coolest Projects Global, young creators can… … Continue reading →
As so many CoderDojos around the world, our office-based CoderDojo hadn’t been able to bring learners together in person since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. So we decided that our first time back in the Raspberry Pi Foundation headquarters should be something special. Having literally just launched the new Raspberry Pi Build HAT for… … Continue reading →
Your brand-new issue of the free Hello World magazine for computing educators focuses on all things health and well-being, featuring useful tools for educators, great ideas for schools, and inspiring projects, ideas, and resources from teachers around the world! One such project was created by the students of James Abela, Head of Computing at Garden… … Continue reading →
I am delighted to announce the launch of raspberrypi.com — a new website dedicated to Raspberry Pi computers and associated technologies. Head on over to find all about our low-cost, high-performance PCs, add-on boards or HATs, microcontrollers, accessories, and much more.  As well as being able to learn about and purchase the full range of… … Continue reading →
I am delighted to announce the creation of the Raspberry Pi Computing Education Research Centre at the University of Cambridge. With computers and digital technologies increasingly shaping all of our lives, it’s more important than ever that every young person, whatever their background or circumstances, has meaningful opportunities to learn about how computers work and… … Continue reading →
Howdy, We rounded out last week with the exciting news that Raspberry Pi 400 is now available with keyboard layouts for Portugal, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Japan is coming soon, so keep an eye out for it. Then we met Avye, an inspirational young person who is motivating other girls to get into tech. We… … Continue reading →
As digital makers, we can’t help but to explore the ways in which computing relates to the world… … Continue reading →
Get ready for miniature musical mayhem this week on Digital Making at Home! Mr. C and Christina orchestrated… … Continue reading →
Wow, we haven’t stopped smiling since yesterday’s live Coolest Projects celebration! Hosts Maddie Moate and Greg Foot led us through a live online event jam-packed with stories from participants, cool tech creations, and inspiring messages from our special judges. AND they revealed whose projects the judges picked as their favourites from among all of this… … Continue reading →
This week on Digital Making at Home was a snapshot of just how versatile a Raspberry Pi computer… … Continue reading →
Young tech creators from more than 40 countries have already registered to take part in this year’s Coolest Projects online showcase! To help us celebrate this year’s wonderful group of participants, we’re lucky to have brought on board Colin Furze, Melissa Pickering, James Whelton, and Fig O’Reilly as special judges. “Since the first Coolest Projects… … Continue reading →
On our websites, you are able to express yourself creatively and solve problems that matter to you. Here are rules for using the websites: Get ready ✅Tell a trusted adult that you are setting up an account for our websites ✅ Read and understand the following rules, and share them with a parent or trusted… … Continue reading →
It’s amazing how digital making can help you see the world differently and this week on Digital Making… … Continue reading →
The Raspberry Pi Foundation and ESA Education are excited to announce that 232 teams participating in Mission Space Lab of this year’s European Astro Pi Challenge have achieved Flight Status. That means they will have their computer programs run on the International Space Station (ISS) later this month! Mission Space Lab gives teams of students… … Continue reading →
Yesterday was Pi Day and we celebrated with a special episode of Digital Making at Home, hosted by… … Continue reading →
Since launching our first-ever Pi Day fundraising campaign, we’ve been absolutely amazed by the generous support so many of you have shown for the young learners and creators in our community. Together, our Pi Day donors have stepped up to make an impact on over 20,000 learners (and counting!) who rely on the Raspberry Pi… … Continue reading →
In our free Coolest Projects online showcase, we invite a worldwide community of young people to come together and celebrate what they’ve built with technology. For this year’s showcase, we’ve already got young tech creators from more than 35 countries registered, including from India, Ireland, UK, USA, Australia, Serbia, Japan, and Syria! Register to become… … Continue reading →
Howdy, We’re getting back to normal [what is this? – Ed.] after the explosion of excitement Raspberry Pi Pico brought. Now we’re able to share some cool things you can do with our first ever microcontroller. Newbies can get started by learning how to blink an LED on their Pico. Or you might want to… … Continue reading →
What happens when you combine your Raspberry Pi with a pack of M&M’s? You get a Raspberry Pi–powered… … Continue reading →
With so many people all over the world still living in various levels of lockdown, we’ve been working hard to provide free, creative project resources for you to keep young digital makers occupied, learning, and most importantly having fun. As a dad of two, I know how useful it is to have resources and project… … Continue reading →
A baby doll that shoots laser beams from its eyes? Yes, you read that right! This week on… … Continue reading →
It’s official: idea registration is finally open for Coolest Projects 2021! Our Coolest Projects online showcase brings together a worldwide community of young people who make things with technology. Everyone up to age 18, wherever they are in the world, can register for Coolest Projects to become part of this community with their own tech… … Continue reading →
This just in: a new Raspberry Pi product was just released last week and we got an exclusive… … Continue reading →
As the UK — like many countries around the world — kicks off the new year with another national lockdown, meaning that millions of young people are unable to attend school, I want to share an update on how the Raspberry Pi Foundation is helping young people to learn at home. Please help us spread… … Continue reading →
The year is drawing to a close, and we are so excited for 2021! More than 700 young people from 39 countries shared their tech creations in the free Coolest Projects online showcase this year! We loved seeing so many young people shine with their creative projects, and we can’t wait to see what the… … Continue reading →
Howdy, OK so, we’re 99.9% sure we won’t be able to squeeze anymore new product launches into 2020. The Raspberry Pi 4 Case Fan is almost definitely the last one. Promise. That means we can focus on our fundraising efforts, which kicked off on #GivingTuesday and will be running all month. If you’re able to,… … Continue reading →
Greetings, How’ve you been? I hope you like reading, because this week we released a brand-new book to help you to get more out of your Python projects. It’s written by Laura Sach and Martin O’Hanlon, who are both Learning Managers at the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and it sports one of our jazziest, most colourful… … Continue reading →
Explore our new free pathway of environmental digital making projects for young people! These new step-by-step projects teach learners Scratch coding and include real-world data — from data about the impact of deforestation on wildlife to sea turtle tracking information. By following along with the digital making projects online, young people will discover how they… … Continue reading →
Every year, we are proud to judge at the PA Raspberry Pi Competition for UK schools, run by PA Consulting. In this free competition, teams of students from schools all over the UK imagine, design, and create Raspberry Pi–powered inventions. The PA Raspberry Pi Competition aims to inspire young people aged 8 to 18 to… … Continue reading →
Howdy, We’ve got one of those nice, juicy, extra full issues of Raspberry Pi Weekly for you today. Did you miss us? Summer breaks mean we’ve been a bit like ships passing in the night at Raspberry Pi Towers but we are back and into our Friday routine. One of our young makers has been… … Continue reading →
In case you missed it, watch this week’s livestream code-along session right now for some fruit-FULL fun!  This… … Continue reading →
How goes it? We’ve featured a bajillion new projects from our community on the Raspberry Pi blog this week, and we’ve shared them all here for you to try them yourself. Whether you’re into robotics, fitness, time lapses, or stop-motion animation, there’s something for you in this issue of Raspberry Pi Weekly. Our Digital Making… … Continue reading →
Howdy, We missed you last week – did you miss us? To make up for it, here’s a bumper issue stuffed with a fortnight’s worth of projects, blogs, and news. The winning Mission Space Lab teams of the 2019–20 European Astro Pi Challenge have been chosen! Teams of young people across Europe designed, created, and… … Continue reading →
We’re delighted to announce that our special judges — Eben Upton, Hayaatun Sillem, Limor Fried, Mitch Resnick, and Tim Peake — have chosen their favourite projects from the Coolest Projects online showcase!  Young tech creators from 39 countries are part of the showcase, including from Ireland, Australia, Palestine, UK, USA, India, and Indonesia. In total,… … Continue reading →
The results are in, the scores are tallied up and… we have a tie! Your projects have shown… … Continue reading →
We are thrilled that five fantastic people will contribute to the Coolest Projects online showcase: Tim Peake, Limor Fried, Mitch Resnick, Hayaatun Sillem, and Eben Upton are going to be our special judges and choose their favourite projects from among all the entries from young tech creators in our global community. Meet the coolest judges!… … Continue reading →
Hola, It’s been a big couple of weeks for Raspberry Pi in space. In this issue, you can read about the record 6350 teams of students and young people who had their programs run on the Astro Pi computers onboard the International Space Station. We also learned that what’s probably world’s first interactive art experiment… … Continue reading →
Me again! I can’t have done too badly last week, because they’ve let me back for another Raspberry Pi Weekly. We’re back to business as usual after last week’s jam-packed issue. Here are a few gems plucked from our blog, some educational projects you can try at home, plus news from the past week. Peace,… … Continue reading →
This week has been quite the show, all thanks to you and your entertaining performances! Who needs television… … Continue reading →
We’re thrilled that Coolest Projects is taking place this summer as an online showcase, and registration opens today! Our world-leading technology fair usually takes place as a free face-to-face event, with thousands of young people coming together to showcase projects they’ve created. After making the tough decision to cancel the Coolest Projects 2020 events in… … Continue reading →
  Thank you for letting us know that your Jam is running online sessions at this time. You can find guidelines on running online sessions here, or join one of our regular community calls with tips on running sessions online! You may be interested to hear that Coolest Projects is back! Young people who  regularly… … Continue reading →
You know what? Self-care looks good on you, digital makers! You’ve all done such an amazing job taking… … Continue reading →
In this blog post, I want to share an update on how the Raspberry Pi Foundation is responding to the novel coronavirus and what it means for our work to support people all over the planet to change their world through technology. The situation is changing rapidly, and we’ll update this blog as our response… … Continue reading →
Today is Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday takes place on the day following the well-known shopping days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as a celebration of the generosity of the human spirit. It’s your chance to give something back, or to pay it forward, whichever feels right to you. Giving makes you happy There is… … Continue reading →
Machine learning is everywhere. It’s used for image and voice recognition, predictions, and even those pesky adverts that always seem to know what you’re thinking about! If you’ve ever wanted to know more about machine learning, or if you want to help you learners get started with machine learning, then our new free projects are… … Continue reading →
You can now install and use Scratch 3 Desktop for Raspberry Pi OS on your Raspberry Pi! Scratch 3 Scratch 3 was released in January this year, and since then we and the Scratch team have put lots of work into creating an offline version for Raspberry Pi. The new version of Scratch has a… … Continue reading →
We’ve worked alongside the team at Wolfram Mathematica to create ten new free resources for our projects site, perfect to use at home, or in your classroom, Code Club, or CoderDojo. Try out the Wolfram Language today, available as a free download for your Raspberry Pi (download details are below). The Wolfram Language The Wolfram language… … Continue reading →
Coolest Projects, our world-leading technology fair for young people, takes place in seven countries this year: Ireland, the UK, USA, Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria, and Milan in Italy. Volunteer-led Coolest Projects events Teams of marvellous volunteers organise and run the events in the Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria, and Milan! They are doing incredible work to give children… … Continue reading →
Hooray, Picademy is back! We’re excited to bring our free computer science and digital making professional development program for educators to three new cities this summer: Picademy 2019 dates We’re thrilled to kick off our 2019 season, partnering with three new venues: we’ll be at Computer History Museum in the Bay Area the first week… … Continue reading →
Parisa Khashayar is a high school freshman with a knack for coding. In September of 2018, Parisa had the chance to present her tech creation at Coolest Projects USA, and she made joint first place in the Hardware category. Since the sixth grade, Parisa has been teaching herself how to code; she has even taken… … Continue reading →
Today is #GivingTuesday, a global movement to kick off the charitable giving season. More than just a computer When you buy a Raspberry Pi, you’re not only getting a fantastic little computer, but you’re also helping with our charitable educational mission to put the power of computing and digital making into the hands of people… … Continue reading →
Join us at The Sharp Project in Manchester for the second UK edition of Coolest Projects on Saturday 2 March 2019. Coolest Projects is the world’s leading technology fair for young people, where young makers share their amazing digital creations with fellow youth innovators and with the public. Participants with outstanding entries will win awards… … Continue reading →
Coolest Projects is the world’s leading technology fair for young people. It’s the science fair for the digital age, where thousands of young people showcase amazing projects that they’ve built using digital technologies. If you want to meet the innovators of the future, this is the place to be, so today we’re really excited to… … Continue reading →
Hooray! We’re celebrating our third season leading educator training in North America. That’s 20 Picademy workshops in 11 cities with 791 happy teachers graduating as Raspberry Pi Certified Educators. This summer was particularly rich with successes, challenges, and lessons learned — let’s take a closer look: That's a wrap on #Picademy North America 2018! We… … Continue reading →
Volunteer as a translator and use your languages to help us make our free coding resources accessible to young people around the world! Why translate for us? You will support us in our mission as a charity: to put the power of digital making into the hands of people all over the world. We want… … Continue reading →
Wherever in the world I meet members of the Raspberry Pi community, I am always amazed by their enthusiasm for learning and making. And I often meet families that are enjoying computing together: kids who have introduced their parents to something that’s a whole new world for them, adults who are sharing a hobby they… … Continue reading →
Umbrella trees, giant mushrooms, and tiny museums. A light-up Lovelace, LED cubes, LED eyelashes, and LED coding (we have a bit of a thing for LEDs). Magic cocktails, melted ice creams, and the coolest hot dog around. Face paint masterpieces, swag bags, and bingo. More stickers than a laptop can cope with, a flock of… … Continue reading →
For those that don’t yet know, Raspberry Fields is the all-new community festival of digital making we’re hosting in Cambridge, UK on 30 June and 1 July 2018! It will be a chance for people of all ages and skill levels to have a go at getting creative with tech! Raspberry Fields is a celebration… … Continue reading →
Located outside Los Angeles, the Boys & Girls Club of Bell Gardens run after-school and summer programming for youth in the community. The club at Bell Gardens is part of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, a national organization of local chapters that offer after-school programs for young people. In September, their Code Club… … Continue reading →
Coolest Projects is a world-leading showcase that empowers and inspires the next generation of digital creators, innovators, changemakers and entrepreneurs. This year, for the first time, we are bringing Coolest Projects to North America for a spectacular event! Coolest Projects North America will be held at the Discovery Cube Orange County in Santa Ana, California… … Continue reading →
Like many engineers, I have folder upon folder of half-completed projects on my computer. But the funny thing is that this wasn’t a problem for me as a child. Every other Friday evening, I’d spend two hours at Ilkley Computer Club, where I could show off whatever I’d been working on: nothing motivates you to… … Continue reading →
Earlier this year on 3 and 4 March, communities around the world held Raspberry Jam events to celebrate Raspberry Pi’s sixth birthday. We sent out special birthday kits to participating Jams — it was amazing to know the kits would end up in the hands of people in parts of the world very far from… … Continue reading →
Earlier this spring, an excited group of STEM educators came together to participate in the first ever Raspberry Pi and Arduino workshop in Puerto Rico. Their three-day digital making adventure was led by MakerTechPR’s José Rullán and Raspberry Pi Certified Educator Alex Martínez. They ran the event as part of the Robot Makers challenge organized… … Continue reading →
In today’s guest post, seventh-grade students Evan Callas, Will Ross, Tyler Fallon, and Kyle Fugate share their story of using the Raspberry Pi Oracle Weather Station in their Innovation Lab class, headed by Raspberry Pi Certified Educator Chris Aviles. United Nations Sustainable Goals The past couple of weeks in our Innovation Lab class, our teacher,… … Continue reading →
The Raspberry Pi Foundation loves to celebrate people who use technology to solve problems and express themselves creatively, so we’re proud to expand the incredibly successful event Coolest Projects to North America. This free event will be held on Sunday 23 September 2018 at the Discovery Cube Orange County in Santa Ana, California. What is Coolest… … Continue reading →
This summer, the Raspberry Pi Foundation is bringing you an all-new community event taking place in Cambridge, UK! Raspberry Fields On the weekend of Saturday 30 June and Sunday 1 July 2018, the Pi Towers team, with lots of help from our community of young people, educators, hobbyists, and tech enthusiasts, will be running Raspberry… … Continue reading →
Coolest Projects International is a world-leading showcase that empowers and inspires the next generation of digital creators, innovators, changemakers, and entrepreneurs. Last year more than 700 Ninjas from 16 countries including Australia, Argentina, United States, Romania, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Japan showcased their projects to more than 10000 spectators at this outstanding event — this… … Continue reading →
Coolest Projects is a world-leading showcase that empowers and inspires the next generation of digital creators, innovators, changemakers, and entrepreneurs.   This year, for the first time, we are bringing Coolest Projects to the UK for a spectacular regional event! Coolest Projects UK Here East, London Saturday 28 April Project registrations for Coolest Projects UK… … Continue reading →
A couple of weekends ago, we celebrated our sixth birthday by coordinating more than 100 simultaneous Raspberry Jam events around the world. The Big Birthday Weekend was a huge success: our fantastic community organised Jams in 40 countries, covering six continents! We sent the Jams special birthday kits to help them celebrate in style, and… … Continue reading →
The Raspberry Jam Big Birthday Weekend 2019 is a community-led, synchronised, global mega-Jam on 2-3 March in celebration of our seventh birthday. Find a Jam near you! Raspberry Jam Bahía Blanca (Argentina) Southport Library Raspberry Jam (Australia) Melbourne Raspberry Pi Jam (Australia) Inverell Raspberry Jam (Australia) Geelong Raspberry Jam (Australia) Bangladesh Raspberry Jam (Bangladesh) Raspberry… … Continue reading →
Hello there! Welcome to the first Raspberry Pi Weekly of 2018. We hope you had a lovely time over the last few weeks, and for those returning to work or school: you got this! Here at Pi Towers, we’ve been busy hunting out some of the best projects the community shared during the Christmas break,… … Continue reading →
She asked for help, and you came to her aid. Pioneers, the winners of the Only you can save us challenge have been picked! The challenge In August we intercepted an emergency communication from a lonesome survivor. She seemed to be in quite a bit of trouble, and asked all you young people aged 11… … Continue reading →
Back in July, we collaborated with GCHQ to bring you two fantastic free resources: the first showed you how to build an OctaPi, a Raspberry Pi cluster computer. The second showed you how to use the cluster to learn about public key cryptography. Since then, we and GCHQ have been hard at work, and now… … Continue reading →
Astro Pi is back! Today we’re excited to announce the 2017-18 European Astro Pi challenge in partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA). We are searching for the next generation of space scientists. Astro Pi is an annual science and coding challenge where student-written code is run on the International Space Station under the oversight of an ESA… … Continue reading →
In July, winners of the first two Pioneers challenges came together at Google HQ at Kings Cross in London for the Pioneers Summer Camp. This event was a special day to celebrate their awesomeness, and to give them access to some really cool stuff. The lucky Pioneers The summer camp was organised specifically for the… … Continue reading →
To everyone’s surprise, the sun has actually managed to show its face this summer in Britain! So we’re not feeling too guilty for having asked the newest crop of Pioneers to Make it outdoors. In fact, the 11- to 16-year-olds that took part in our second digital making challenge not only made things that celebrate… … Continue reading →
Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the 2017 ISTE Conference & Expo, which saw over 20,000 educators convene in San Antonio earlier this summer. As a new Raspberry Pi Foundation team member, I was thrilled to meet the many Raspberry Pi Certified Educators (RCEs) in attendance. They came from across the country to share their knowledge,… … Continue reading →
Hi all, This week has seen the release of two new resources of ours that you can use to build your own OctaPi cluster computer! And if that’s not enough to fill your week, below we’ve also collected some awesome projects by community members for you to make. If you’re a multilinguist and/or keen to… … Continue reading →
We’re very excited to announce that Scratch 2.0 is now available as an offline app for the Raspberry Pi! This new version of Scratch allows you to control the Pi’s GPIO (General Purpose Input and Output) pins, and offers a host of other exciting new features. Offline accessibility The most recent update to Raspbian includes the app, which… … Continue reading →
When I heard we were merging with CoderDojo, I was delighted. CoderDojo is a wonderful organisation with a spectacular community, and it’s going to be great to join forces with the team and work towards our common goal: making a difference to the lives of young people by making technology accessible to them. You may… … Continue reading →
We’ve got some great news to share today: the Raspberry Pi Foundation is joining forces with the CoderDojo Foundation, in a merger that will give many more young people all over the world new opportunities to learn how to be creative with technology. CoderDojo is a global network of coding clubs for kids from seven to 17. The… … Continue reading →
We’re two weeks into the second cycle of Pioneers, our programme to give teenagers a taste of digital making. Teenagers make amazing, ridiculous, awesome things when they are challenged to unleash their creativity using technology. In the first cycle, we had everything from a disco pen to a crotch-soaking water trap. Families and friends can take… … Continue reading →
In today’s post, I’m going to share the tales of three Jams: how and why they got started. Norwich Raspberry Jam Norwich is a place where I’ve always hoped there would be a Jam. It’s a tech city in the East of England and there’s plenty going on there, but so far no one has been running a… … Continue reading →
In case you missed it: in yesterday’s post, we released our Raspberry Jam Guidebook, a new Jam branding pack and some more resources to help people set up their own Raspberry Pi community events. Today I’m sharing some insights from Jams I’ve attended recently. Preston Raspberry Jam The Preston Jam is one of the most… … Continue reading →