Let your Raspberry Pi do the talking for you on Twitter!

As digital makers, we can’t help but to explore the ways in which computing relates to the world around us, even the world of social media! If you’re not someone who interacts with social media platforms like Twitter, this episode of Digital Making at Home might pique your curiosity. Not only that, but our special guest this week will give you a number of ways that you can use social media creatively to develop your digital making skills! 

Mr. C and Christina welcomed Helen Leigh, tech creator and author of The Crafty Kids Guide to DIY Electronics, to talk about her background in physical computing, share some our her own creations, and more! Many of her projects, like a giant anxiety reduction pillow, have been featured in publications including our own HackSpace magazine. You can see more of her projects on Helen’s YouTube channel too. 

Helen showed us how to connect a Raspberry Pi and a camera to Twitter to do things like make your Raspberry Pi tweet or even send out alerts. Who knew you could use your digital making skills to manage your social media account!? We LOVED having Helen on the stream and we’ll have another amazing guest join us next week, so stay tuned for more coding! 

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