I am delighted to announce the launch of — a new website dedicated to Raspberry Pi computers and associated technologies. Head on over to find all about our low-cost, high-performance PCs, add-on boards or HATs, microcontrollers, accessories, and much more. 

As well as being able to learn about and purchase the full range of hardware products, on the new website you can download our latest software, find detailed technical documentation, connect with the community on the forums, and read the latest news about Raspberry Pi technologies and how they’re being used to change the world. 

What’s changing at

This website ( will continue to be the home for the Raspberry Pi Foundation and all of our educational initiatives to help young people learn about computers and how to create with digital technologies.

That includes online resources to help young people learn how to code, information about our networks of Code Clubs and CoderDojos, training and support for teachers and other educators, and access to the world’s leading-edge research into computing education.

You’ll still be able to find loads of resources about Raspberry Pi computers in education, and cool opportunities for young people to learn how to code and create with Raspberry Pi technologies, whether that’s our space programme Astro Pi, or building robots with Raspberry Pi Pico.

Why the change?

When was first launched as a WordPress blog in 2011, we were talking about a low-cost, programmable computer that was being designed for education. 

Fast-forward a decade, and we are now speaking about an increasingly broad range of technology and education products and services to industry, hobbyists, educators, researchers, and young people. While there is lots of overlap between those communities and their interests, it is becoming increasingly difficult to address everyone’s needs on one website. So this change is really all about making life easier for you. 

We will continue to provide lots of links and connections between the two sites to make sure that you can easily find what you’re looking for. As ever, we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below. 

Connect with us on our new social media channels

Alongside the changes to the websites, we’re also launching new social channels that are focused on the Foundation’s educational initiatives. We look forward to seeing you there.



Congratulations on the new site…this is great! I think the move is long overdue; it’s been clear for a while that the progressing technology has outpaced the ability of the old website to adequately deal with communicating about it. I hope that there will be a blog more devoted to technical and development topics on the new site (especially announcements and behind-the-scenes kinds of items, which I find particularly interesting).


Is there any reason that 80% of each page is devoted to a header any you have to scroll down to ACTUALLY see the CONTENT.


Will the blog/news section be synchronized between the com and org website like it is now? Or should we subscribe to both the blog here, and the RSS News feed on the COM website?

Alasdair Allan

The blog here on the Foundation (.org) site will concentrate on computing education and its other endeavours, while the news section on the Trading (.com) site will talk about Raspberry Pi hardware, and projects. The two sites will have separate feeds going forward so folks interested in one, and not the other, have an easier time of things.


that’s the reason, why my saved password for the forum wasn’t valid anymore in my browser.
i didn’t realized, that i was redirected from “.org” to “.com”


Now to find out where everything is. Hopefully, it won’t take too long to find what I need next time I come.


You should expand your presence on social media, the ones listed up there are all big tech; don’t know about Linikedin too much, though. Get on Gab.

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