Pixelate the world around you using code!

It’s amazing how digital making can help you see the world differently and this week on Digital Making at Home, we wanted to experience our world in pixels! Mr. C and Christina were joined by two special guests who talked about how they play with pixels and even share a few projects with us too. We welcomed Paco Nieto and young maker David from Code Next, a Google engineering program for High Schoolers aiming to inspire the next generation of Black and Brown tech leaders. 

We loved hearing about David’s fascination with technology and how he’s learned over the years to use programs like Scratch, Python, and even Unity! He also shows us a multiplayer Pong game that he created using a Raspberry Pi, a Sense HAT and his computer as the main server. Fun fact: David is currently participating in the Code Next program right now, which Paco talked more in depth about from a mentor’s perspective. Paco also had an amazing project to show us that he called a “Raspimon”, a pixelated pet that was also made with a Raspberry Pi and a Sense HAT. 

Mr. C and Christina were SO inspired by these projects that they showed us how to build your own Raspimon pixel pet too using a Raspimon builder spreadsheet and a Sense HAT emulator. This is such a fun project to work on with friends and family!

We’ve got more to make, so join us next week for more digital making!

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