Take a peek at the new Raspberry Pi Pico with Eben Upton!

This just in: a new Raspberry Pi product was just released last week and we got an exclusive introduction to it from a very special guest! You might remember him from a previous live stream that was all about inventions, and he happens to be the co-creator of the Raspberry Pi computer — it’s Eben Upton! He was excited to show us the new Raspberry Pi Pico, a microcontroller that you can use to make all sorts of amazing things. What’s even cooler about this tiny device is that for the first time, the chip on the device was also made by Raspberry Pi! Eben talked in-depth about the process around building a chip for the Raspberry Pi Pico and also how the size of it creates new opportunities to make new things that the Raspberry Pi computer might not be able to do.

After we discussed the great news, Mr. C led us through a new project that shows you how to get started with your Raspberry Pi Pico. You don’t want to miss out on seeing this new product in action, so check out the stream if you weren’t able to watch live.

We can’t wait to see what new project ideas you come up with for the Raspberry Pi Pico! Tune in next week for more digital making at home!

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HI Mr C, the screensaver on the screen behind you is just awesome, is there a chance you could let me know how to obtain it.

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It’s on YouTube – there’s a great channel for these called AA VFX. This one is called ‘Matrix Horizon’. :). Thanks for watching!!!

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