Sensing the world with robots and Raspberry Pi Pico!

What happens when you combine your Raspberry Pi with a pack of M&M’s? You get a Raspberry Pi–powered M&M launcher! That’s the project of 17-year-old digital maker Harrison McIntyre, our guest this week on Digital Making at Home. Not only did he make this “candy-pitching machine” as Mr. C called it, but he also used computer vision to help his machine sense where he’s standing and launch M&M’s right at him. You can see this project and more on Harrison’s YouTube channel where he shows off all of his inventions.

It wouldn’t be a live stream if you couldn’t do any coding with Mr C and Christina, so they took a deeper dive into the new Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller to teach you how to use sensor inputs. It was the perfect project to get everyone thinking about what they could do with a Raspberry Pi Pico — maybe even for Coolest Projects online 2021, our free tech showcase! Idea registration for this year’s event is open, so if you or a young digital maker aged 18 and under and have a great idea for a project, register your idea with us today.

That’s all for this week of Digital Making at Home! We’ll be back next Wednesday as always, for another stream for more live coding and creating together. See you then!

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I am a beginner,
currently, I am making a small Rasberry pi project, I want to run python code in my android app. can you recommend any plugin which works best

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