Rules for using Raspberry Pi Foundation websites

On our websites, you are able to express yourself creatively and solve problems that matter to you. Here are rules for using the websites:

Get ready

  • Tell a trusted adult that you are setting up an account for our websites
  • Read and understand the following rules, and share them with a parent or trusted adult to help you stay safe and get the best from the websites

Keep yourself safe online

Being safe online is very important.

  • Create an account username that cannot be used to identify you
  • Keep your account password secret
  • Don’t share personal information (such as a name, date of birth, or school) about yourself or others in the projects you make

Be respectful and kind

We work hard to create a safe place for you to share what you make so you can gain confidence, find ideas, and celebrate digital making. All young people are welcome, and the strength of our community comes from its diversity. Please be kind and respectful of others at all times.

  • If you’re giving feedback on someone’s project, be positive and encouraging
  • Do not create projects that contain offensive or inappropriate information or images

Speak out if something isn’t right

  • Always speak to a trusted adult if anything has made you feel uncomfortable online

Following these rules is important. There are consequences for anyone who does not follow the rules. Consequences include a warning and possible temporary ban from our websites. If you repeatedly break the rules, we’ll have to ban you from our websites forever.

Happy coding!