Capturing images on camera with the Raspberry Pi!

This week on Digital Making at Home was a snapshot of just how versatile a Raspberry Pi computer can be! Mr. C and Christina started off the stream by welcoming back a young digital maker and fellow streamer who actually reached out to us to share the amazing things they’ve made using code! Al brought so much energy to this stream and was very excited to talk about their journey from making video games to now working on web pages, robots, servers, and so much more! It was so special to hear from such a multi-talented young person who is pushing the envelope when it comes to creating new things. Don’t forget, if you want to share your projects on the show, you can email us!

We also had a surprise visit from Rob Zwetsloot from The Magpi magazine! He had some of his favorite camera-themed projects to show us, including a seeing wand that uses a camera to try to determine what you’re pointing it at! These were some of the most clever projects we’ve seen on the live stream, so you’ll definitely want to check this out. Before we wrapped up, Mr. C and Christina showed us how to get started with using a Picamera, specifically to take time-lapse photos! Here are all the details on how to make your own.

What an exciting episode this week! You can catch us again next week for more digital making!

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Not to dampen the leaning experience but users can install prebuilt timelapse applications. There are quite a few excellent ones. Not to self promote but I have a python project pi-timolo (PiCamera, Timelapse, Motion Tracking, Low Light)
that has an easy curl install and still provides users with a good learning experience since the code is accessible and can be modified if they choose. Stay Safe.

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