How your young people can create with tech for Coolest Projects 2021

In our free Coolest Projects online showcase, we invite a worldwide community of young people to come together and celebrate what they’ve built with technology. For this year’s showcase, we’ve already got young tech creators from more than 35 countries registered, including from India, Ireland, UK, USA, Australia, Serbia, Japan, and Syria!

Two siblings presenting their digital making project at a Coolest Projects showcase

Register to become part of the global Coolest Projects community

Everyone up to age 18 can register for Coolest Projects to become part of this community with their own tech creation. We welcome all projects, all experience levels, and all kinds of projects, from the very first Scratch animation to a robot with machine learning capacity! The beauty of Coolest Projects is in the diversity of what the young tech creators make.

Young people can register projects in six categories: Hardware, Scratch, Mobile Apps, Websites, Games, and Advanced Programming. Projects need to be fully registered by Monday 3 May 2021, but they don’t need to be finished then — at Coolest Projects we celebrate works in progress just as much as finished creations!

To learn more about the registration process, watch the video below or read our guide on how to register.

Our Coolest Projects support for young people and you

Here are the different ways we’re supporting your young people — and you — with project creation!

Online resources for designing and creating projects

Download the free Coolest Projects workbook that walks young people through the whole creation process, from finding a topic or problem they want to address, to idea brainstorming, to testing their project:

The five steps you will carry out when creating a tech project: 1 Pick a problem. 2 Who are you helping with your project? 3 Generate ideas. 4 Design and build. 5 Test and tweak
Our Coolest Projects worksheets have detailed guidance about all five steps of project creation.

Explore more than 200 free, step-by-step project guides for learning coding and digital making skills that your young people can use to find help and inspiration! For more ideas on what your young people can make for Coolest Projects, have a look around last year’s online showcase gallery.

Live streams for young people

This Wednesday 3 March at 19:00 GMT / 14:00 ET, young people can join a special Digital Making at Home live stream about capturing ideas for projects. We’ll share practical tips and inspiration to help them get started with building a Coolest Projects creation:

On Tuesday 23 March, 16:00 GMT / 11:00 ET, young people can join the Coolest Projects team on a live stream to talk to them about all things Coolest Projects and ask all their questions! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and turn on notifications to be reminded about this live stream.

Online workshops for educators & parents

Join our free online workshops where you as an educator or parent can learn how to best support young people to take part:

Celebrating young people’s creativity

Getting creative with technology is truly empowering for young people, and anything your young people want to create will be celebrated by us and the whole Coolest Projects community. We’re so excited to see their projects, and we can’t wait to celebrate all together at our big live stream celebration event in June! Don’t let your young people miss their chance to be part of the fun.

Register your project for the Coolest Projects online showcase
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