Let’s get laser-sharp and explore more Raspberry Pi Pico

A baby doll that shoots laser beams from its eyes? Yes, you read that right! This week on Digital Making at Home, we invited a young digital maker named Gabriel from Inverness, Scotland to talk to us about his inventions. They are some of the coolest inventions we’ve seen on the stream! We already mentioned a baby doll that can shoot laser beams, and he also showed us a laser beam lightsaber, and a laser-equipped watch just like the one from the James Bond movies! You have to check out this week’s stream to see all of these in action.

Mr C and Christina also brought back Raspberry Pi Pico and walk you through the very first steps of how to get started with coding your own projects with it. We were thrilled to see so many of you excited about our brand-new microcontroller, so you can expect to see more code-alongs with it on the live stream in the future! 

That’s all for this week — catch us next Wednesday for more Digital Making at Home! 

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