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We host free online seminars on current computing education research topics. Speakers from around the world present their work in the field.

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Our 2024 seminar series is on the theme of teaching programming (with or without AI). In this series, we explore the latest research on how teachers can best support school-age learners to develop their programming skills.

Seminar take place on the first Tuesday of each month at 17:00–18:30 BST / 12:00–13:30 EDT / 9:00–10:30 PDT / 18:00–19:30 CEST. 

11 June: Veronica Cucuiat (Raspberry Pi Foundation)

Using a feedback literacy approach, what are secondary educators’ views of LLM-generated explanations of program error messages? 

Decoding cryptic error messages can be a significant obstacle to understanding and progress for anyone new to programming, especially young people. Veronica Cucuiat has been investigating whether large language models (LLMs) could be employed to overcome this barrier.

Veronica has explored expert educators’ views of the explanations of programming error messages provided by LLMs and their suitability for secondary classroom use. In this seminar, she will report on the data gathered from interviews with educators where they used a bespoke code editor prototype to explore the LLM explanations and answered questions on these. She will contextualise educators’ views in feedback literacy theory, and will discuss how such a theory might contribute to teaching and learning of programming using LLMs.

As part of the Raspberry Pi Computing Education Research Centre, Dr Veronica Cucuiat conducts research in the area of computer science education, using varied methodologies to explore how young people learn and engage with digital technologies, as well as the design of meaningful learning experiences. Her background is in computer science, having worked as a software developer and technical leader in the industry. Her PhD was in the area of learning analytics, where she explored ways in which data can be used to evidence the students' construction journeys when creating artefacts using physical computing kits.

16 July: Leo Porter (UC San Diego)

More information coming soon.

8 October: Juho Leinonen & Arto Hellas (Aalto University)

More information coming soon.

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