The Computing Curriculum

The complete set of resources to help you teach computing to students aged 5 to 16 (key stages 1 to 4 in the UK)

The Computing Curriculum is:

  • Resources written by specialist educators, including lesson plans, slides, activity sheets, homework and assessments
  • Updated regularly based on the latest research and teachers' feedback
  • Structured as units for each year group, and built on a clear progression framework
  • Free for you to download and adapt to your students' needs

Download resources for your students' year group

Each unit in The Computing Curriculum consists of lesson resources numbered to indicate the order of teaching.

Key stage 1

Year 1–2, age 5–7 12 units 72 lessons

Key stage 2

Year 3–6, age 7–11 24 units 144 lessons

Key stage 3

Year 7–9, age 11–14 19 units 114 lessons

Key stage 4

Year 10–11, age 14–16 22 units 178 lessons