AI education

We work at the leading edge of AI education, bringing together research and industry expertise with practical classroom experience to define what AI means for computing education — and how to best support teachers and learners to understand this emerging technology.

Experience AI: The excitement of AI in your classroom

Leading-edge lesson materials for introducing AI technologies to learners age 11 to 14, designed in partnership with Google DeepMind. Experience AI supports teachers in the exciting and fast-moving area of AI and machine learning, and gets young people passionate about the subject. Available as bespoke versions for a growing number of countries.

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More resources for teachers

We support teachers by sharing accessible research, and by providing them with a place to share insights from their classrooms.

What does the research say about AI education?

In 2021 and 2022, we hosted a series of research seminars on the topic of AI, machine learning, and data science education, in partnership with the Alan Turing Institute. You can catch up with the speakers’ presentations and summary blogs now.

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What hinders AI education?

Speaking about AI tools as though they were human prevents young people from understanding how AI works. Therefore, all our AI education resources use language that clearly describes AI as a technology built by people. Find out more in our blog article.

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