Check out these game-winning projects!

The results are in, the scores are tallied up and… we have a tie! Your projects have shown us that you all are all-stars, so today we take time to celebrate you, digital makers!

Sprint Like Wind

We love the project our friend Namirah (11) from Bangladesh has created in Scratch! It’s a super addictive game where you use the left and right arrow keys to sprint to the finish line. The game is a true test of speed, and Namirah even included a timer so that you can challenge yourself to beat your record. We’ll see you at the finish line!

Play Namirah’s game now!

3D shapes

This digital maker is no stranger to showing off his super coding skills: Mustafa (9) in Iraq has shared a project with us every week since the beginning of Digital Making at Home, and this is our THIRTEENTH week! For his most recent project, Mustafa experimented with BlocksCAD to design 3D shapes, and then he even used a 3D printer to make gifts for his friends. Now that’s what we call a team player!

My favorite celebrity – Lauren Steadman

We hope you know how much you all inspire us, and we love it when you share with us who inspires you! Grace (10) from England did just that by designing a website that’s all about her favorite celebrity: Lauren Steadman. Grace’s website has all the works: images, videos, links, and more! We think it’s so awesome that Grace used her digital making skills to highlight her favorite celebrity, and now we’re fans of Lauren Steadman too!

Visit Grace’s website now!

Keep the magic coming!

Go, team, go! That was a stellar display of talent, and we’re so excited to continue creating with you. Don’t forget that you can always share what you’re making with us, and you might even see your project in a future showcase post!

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