Turn your Raspberry Pi Pico into an electronic piano with the GurgleApps family!

Get ready for miniature musical mayhem this week on Digital Making at Home! Mr. C and Christina orchestrated a beautiful conversation with our special guests, the kids from the GurgleApps family. It was all about making music with code. The GurgleApps family, consisting of siblings Amelie, Caleb, and Ziva, had such an inspirational story to share with us that really encouraged us to have more fun trying new things! 

Amelie, the eldest sibling, started coding when her father gave her a Raspberry Pi and from there, she was hooked. For her younger brother Caleb, he took a liking to making circuits and even created a gadget that he placed under their door mat that would buzz him if anyone stepped on it. Ziva, the youngest sister, has been having a blast learning under her siblings who helped her make a fan with a motor for her first project. It’s so amazing to see siblings working together to create such incredible projects! They not only code together, but they also have a YouTube channel where they aim to help other kids learn how to code.

Speaking of teaching, the GurgleApps family even showed us how to make an electronic piano using a Raspberry Pi Pico, along with the help of Mr. C. This is the perfect project to try out with your family and friends, so make sure to give it a shot. 

We’ll see you next week for more Digital Making at Home!

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Learned a lot from this video. Thanks

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