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The sharp-eyed among you will have noticed that a couple of months back, we were advertising for a new CEO of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.   Today we’re really excited to announce that Philip Colligan will be joining us in July as the new CEO of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.  Philip will be responsible for… … Continue reading →
We are pleased to announce that we are renewing our partnership with Oak National Academy in England to provide an updated high-quality Computing curriculum and lesson materials for Key Stages 1 to 4. New curriculum and materials for the classroom In 2021 we partnered with Oak National Academy to offer content for schools in England… … Continue reading →
Through the Hello World podcast, we help to connect computing educators around the world and share their experiences. In each episode, we expand on a topic from a recent Hello World magazine issue. After 5 seasons, and a break last year, we are back with season 6 today. Episode 1: Do kids still need to… … Continue reading →
With the rapid advances in digital technologies like artificial intelligence, it’s more important than ever that every young person has the opportunity to learn how computers are being used to change the world and to develop the skills and confidence to get creative with technology.  There’s no better way to develop those abilities (super powers… … Continue reading →
AI is a broad and rapidly developing field of technology. Our goal is to make sure all young people have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to use and create AI systems. So what should AI education in schools look like? To hear a range of insights into this, we organised a panel discussion as part… … Continue reading →
For the last two years, I’ve been one of the advisors to the Center for Universal Education at the Brookings Institution, a US-based think tank, on their project to survey formal computing education systems across the world. The resulting education policy report, Building skills for life: How to expand and improve computer science education around… … Continue reading →
Seminars main pagePrevious seminarsSeminar publications How do we develop AI education in schools? Date: 16 November 2021 Time: 16:30-17:30 GMT / 11:30-12:30 ET / 8:30-9:30 PT / 17:30-18:30 CET AI and data science have recently received a lot of attention in the media, as machine learning systems are now used to make decisions in areas… … Continue reading →
Seminars main pageSpecial panel sessionsSeminar publications Catch up on our previous computing education research seminars All our online research seminars are available below to watch and share after they take place. You can also download the slides that were presented using the links below. Teaching programming (with or without AI) series (Jan 2024 – Dec… … Continue reading →
If you missed this week’s live code-along session with Mr. C, Zac, and the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s CEO… … Continue reading →
How has computing education changed over the last few months? And how will the coronavirus pandemic affect education in the long term? In the introduction to our newest issue of Hello World, our CEO Philip Colligan reflects on the incredible work of front-line educators, and on the challenges educators and students will face. In just… … Continue reading →
At the Raspberry Pi Foundation, our mission is to put the power of computing and digital making into the hands of people all over the world. We know that a lot of families around the globe are navigating school closures and practicing social distancing right now to keep their communities healthy and safe. So in… … Continue reading →
In this blog post, I want to share an update on how the Raspberry Pi Foundation is responding to the novel coronavirus and what it means for our work to support people all over the planet to change their world through technology. The situation is changing rapidly, and we’ll update this blog as our response… … Continue reading →
In July, winners of the first two Pioneers challenges came together at Google HQ at Kings Cross in London for the Pioneers Summer Camp. This event was a special day to celebrate their awesomeness, and to give them access to some really cool stuff. The lucky Pioneers The summer camp was organised specifically for the… … Continue reading →
Educators, we’ll see you in San Antonio this summer! Staffers from the Raspberry Pi Foundation will be at the 2017 ISTE Conference & Expo to participate in a Raspberry Jam, panels, playgrounds, and talks. Come meet Philip Colligan, Carrie Anne Philbin, James Robinson, Courtney Lentz, Andrew Collins, and Matt Richardson and a bunch of Raspberry… … Continue reading →
The Cambridge office must have been very quiet last week, as staff from across the Raspberry Pi Foundation exhibited at the Bett Show 2017. Avid readers will note that at the UK’s largest educational technology event, held in London across four days, we tend to go all out. This year was no exception, as we… … Continue reading →
Hello there! We’ve had the most wonderful week. While spreading the Raspberry Pi love at Bett 2017, our CEO Philip Colligan launched Hello World, a new, free magazine about computing and digital making for educators. Free forever online as a PDF, Hello World will be delivered free of charge to the homes of all educators in… … Continue reading →
Howdy! Last week, thanks to the generosity of HRH Prince Andrew, Duke of York and Patron of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, we were able to take 200 members of the Pi community to St James’s Palace. Bookending some inspirational speeches from Foundation CEO Philip Colligan, Code Club co-founder Clare Sutcliffe, and the Duke of York himself,… … Continue reading →
Discover a galaxy of ideas, projects, and workshops with Raspberry Pi at Bett Show 2017. We can be found in the STEAM Village and at the adjacent stand (G460). BROWSE OUR FULL TIMETABLE OF WORKSHOPS With STEAM Village talks, drop-in pods, and over 60 workshops running over the four days of the show, our team of… … Continue reading →
Educators, we’ll see you in Denver! Members of the Raspberry Pi education team will be at the 2016 ISTE Conference and Expo to participate in a Raspberry Jam and a few playgrounds. Come talk to Philip Colligan, Carrie Anne Philbin, and Matt Richardson about how the Raspberry Pi Foundation puts the power of digital making… … Continue reading →
On Monday 29 February, we celebrated the fourth (or first) birthday of the Raspberry Pi computer by giving a little gift to the community in the form of the Raspberry Pi 3.  A lot more power, with built in wireless LAN and Bluetooth, for the same great price of $35. On 5 and 6 March,… … Continue reading →
Liz: As regular readers will know, Raspberry Pi is a charity. We’re split into two parts: the Raspberry Pi Foundation is the charitable body, and it owns Raspberry Pi Trading, the part of the organisation that develops the hardware you all buy. All the profit we make in Raspberry Pi Trading goes straight to the Raspberry… … Continue reading →
Happy Friday! A new MagPi, an award, and a call for books? Phew, what a week! And remember, #GivingTuesday may have come and gone, but it’s not too late to support the Raspberry Pi Foundation‘s work to put the power of computing and digital making into the hands of people all over the world. Have… … Continue reading →
Hi all, Unseasonable colds delayed your newsletter this week, and even stole Alex‘s voice. However, they couldn’t stop her from heading to Makers Central with a team from Raspberry Pi, where we understand she spent the weekend communicating via a blend of semaphore and interpretive dance. This week, we look back at last weekend’s Coolest… … Continue reading →
A couple of weekends ago, we celebrated our sixth birthday by coordinating more than 100 simultaneous Raspberry Jam events around the world. The Big Birthday Weekend was a huge success: our fantastic community organised Jams in 40 countries, covering six continents! We sent the Jams special birthday kits to help them celebrate in style, and… … Continue reading →
Coolest Projects is a world-leading annual showcase that empowers and inspires the next generation of digital creators, innovators, changemakers, and entrepreneurs. Young people come to the event to exhibit the cool ideas they have been working on throughout the year. And from 2018, Coolest Projects is open to young people across the Raspberry Pi community.… … Continue reading →
When I heard we were merging with CoderDojo, I was delighted. CoderDojo is a wonderful organisation with a spectacular community, and it’s going to be great to join forces with the team and work towards our common goal: making a difference to the lives of young people by making technology accessible to them. You may… … Continue reading →
This weekend Philip and I went to Dublin to attend CoderDojo Coolest Projects. We got to meet hundreds of brilliant young digital makers and amazing volunteers. As the event kicked off the news broke that Tim Peake had landed safely back on Earth, which meant Philip had to make some last minute changes to his… … Continue reading →
Hello, Rachel here, with a story that’s best told through images – warning, LOTS of photos ahead! When I explain how I started working at Raspberry Pi, it ends up being a pretty long story, with lots of interests that became jobs, unexpected opportunities and chance meetings. At the time it didn’t seem very connected… … Continue reading →
In the summer of 2015, President Obama made call to action to create a Nation of Makers within the United States. We made a commitment in response to that call: we would train 100 teachers in digital making with Raspberry Pi in 2016. Last weekend, we made a giant leap towards fulfilling that commitment with… … Continue reading →
If you follow us on Twitter, you may have seen some pictures of me standing next to important looking people in suits, handing out Raspberry Pi kits on Tuesday. This was the launch event for an educational project we’ve been working on with the British Embassy in Tallinn over the last few months. Back in… … Continue reading →