Welcome Philip!

The sharp-eyed among you will have noticed that a couple of months back, we were advertising for a new CEO of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.  

Today we’re really excited to announce that Philip Colligan will be joining us in July as the new CEO of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.  Philip will be responsible for overseeing all of our charitable activities – that’s everything from our outreach and learning resources to grant-giving and partnerships with government and other organisations.  He’ll be working closely with Eben, who continues as the CEO of Raspberry Pi Trading.  

We are concerned that Eben and Philip's very similar facial styling may cause identity problems in the office.

Philip joins us from Nesta, a charity that supports innovation, where he is the Deputy Chief Executive and Executive Director of Nesta’s Innovation Lab. In his role at Nesta, he’s supported hundreds of innovators in public services, charities and social enterprises, and has also been an adviser to government.

One of Nesta’s areas of work is helping young people get involved in digital making and creativity, so with Philip on board, we’re hoping that there will be lots of opportunities to work together in future.

Before his time at Nesta, Philip had a career in national and local government, working at the Home Office and Camden Council.  Outside of work he’s a dad, school governor and craft cider maker; a skill we plan on making full use of. (We also hope that his experience in wrangling the Home Office will be helpful when he is called to deal with the weekly détente in the office when Gordon annexes the biscuit tin.)

Philip’s perfectly qualified to come and drive the next phase of the Foundation’s charitable work; we’re delighted he’s decided to come and join us. We want to see the Foundation grow in scope and ambition, and we think he’s exactly the person to help us do that. Welcome aboard, Philip! 



Welcome to the team Philip :)


Congratulations – exciting times ahead.


Bienvenue! A right man for the job – interesting pedigree ;o)

Hope things don’t spiral too much between now and the July arrival…!

Congratulations & welcome to the helm.


Welcome to Raspberry Pi Philip

Russell Barnes

Congratulations to all involved. Exciting stuff!


Great to see RasPi go from strength to strength :-)


So does this mean Lance Howarth has moved on to other things, or is he still with the RPi Foundation?


Lance left us a little while back in order to move to Devon, where he’s busy surfing and finding out about work-life balance!


Great signing, Raspberry Pi – we will miss Philip as he was also a non exec Director of Stepping Out, a NESTA supported business and has been incredible this last three years.


“Forward the Foundation”

sorreeee; coat please


New member dance woot :)

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