Community stories

When young people are given opportunities to learn and create with technology, they can do incredible things. Meet the next generation of digital makers who are using technology to shape the world around them, and the educators who are teaching them.

Yang, mentoring the tech talent of tomorrow, England

After discovering CoderDojo, Yang was enthusiastic to create more opportunities to inspire the next generation of young coders, and she set about bringing her colleagues along on the journey too.

Arno & Timo, from learners to leaders, the Netherlands

Arno and Timo have been friends since childhood, and began attending a CoderDojo club at the age of 12, eager to explore the world of coding. As they grew older, they were inspired to give back and support young coders, and wanting to remain part of the CoderDojo community, they decided to become mentors to the next generation of club members.

Micah, coding with confidence, England

Micah’s journey with coding has been supported by his mum, Catherine, and Code Club mentor, Basia. Since joining a Code Club at his local library, he has not only discovered an enthusiasm for computing, but grown in confidence too. With aspirations of becoming an astrophysicist, a marine biologist, and the founder of his own company, there are certainly big things in Micah’s future.

Sahibjot, computing on a global stage, India

“I have played so many games in my life, why not make one and others will enjoy the same experience that I had.” From his early interest in games to teaching himself to create one for a relative, Sahibjot took the next step in his coding journey when he joined a Code Club at his school. Learn how self-discovery, mentorship, and recognition at Coolest Projects 2023 helped shape his path.

St Joseph’s, from rural Ireland to outer space, Ireland

St Joseph’s Secondary School has been on an inspiring journey, thanks to a dedicated group of teachers and their enthusiastic learners. The educators' mission is to instil their learners with the belief that they can achieve anything. Collaborating on Astro Pi projects and taking ownership of the school’s tech issues has enabled a team of learners to uncover their strengths and build a firm sense of community.

Spencer, from chemistry to coding, England

“It’s really exciting to see how students have embraced computer science as a brand new subject at school.” After 24 years as a science teacher, Spencer decided to turn his personal passion for digital making into a career, transitioning to be a computer science teacher. With GCSE Computer Science now on the curriculum at his school, and goals to introduce it at A level shortly, Spencer shows no signs of slowing down.

Nadia, sharing her passion for computer science, Iraq

“The experience the children have in a Code Club, they will take it through their whole life.” Nadia started volunteering with Code Club while studying for her PhD in London. It gave her the chance to immerse herself in her local community and share her expertise of computing with young people. Watch Nadia’s story to hear how she is pursuing her goal of introducing a Code Club in every school in Iraq.

Adarsh, creating tech solutions to problems, USA

“When you’re developing technology that can help solve a problem, you are bringing something to the world.” Adarsh entered his Smart Sprinkler System into Coolest Projects after being inspired by the need in California to manage water during a drought and has since developed a Contactless Vital Signs Monitor. Watch Adarsh’s video to see where he gets his inspiration as he continues to make things that matter to him.

Selin, passionate about robotics and AI, Turkey

“Be curious and courageous, and never let setbacks stop you”. When Selin discovered Coolest Projects, she set herself the task of making a robotic guide dog to showcase at the event. Selin has since built seven robots, and her enthusiasm shows no sign of stopping. Watch Selin’s video to see her demonstrate how robotics and AI technology can be used to support people and their well-being.

Sophie, encouraging learning through play

“Sometimes I just step back and I watch them all helping each other and working together”. When teacher Sophie Hudson set out to run a Code Club in her village school in rural North Yorkshire, she had no idea how much impact her weekly coding sessions would have on her learners. Watch Sophie’s video to find out Code Club is supporting the children’s confidence, creativity, and more.

Jay, sharing his love of robotics in his local community, UK

"Robotics and coding is really fun. It boosts your creativity!" Jay started creating with technology at a young age, after attending free coding workshops such as CoderDojo. He’s now running his own coding sessions for other children and adults in his community. Using recycled and low-cost materials, Jay always brings fun to his workshops. Watch his story to see where Jay’s love for robotics is taking him.

Cian, Google apprentice, Ireland

“I can’t create anything I want in real life, but I can create anything I want on a computer.” Software engineer apprentice Cian fell in love with programming during his 6 years at his local CoderDojo. Watch his story to see how he turned his passion for digital making into his dream job at Google.

Yolanda, working towards equity in tech, USA

“The computer gives me the tools to be an artist, to create things, and if it does that for me, just imagine what it will do for kids!” Computing educator and researcher Yolanda Payne is passionate about making technology accessible to all. Watch her story to see what Yolanda has learned while teaching her students.

Toshan, giving back to the community through mentoring, India

Toshan found help in the global Raspberry Pi community on his coding journey. To give something back, he set up a CoderDojo for other young people in his hometown. Watch his story to discover why mentoring is such an important part of his life.

Laura, building robots to change the world, Romania

“I want to bring a change to the world.”

Since meeting like-minded tech creators at her local CoderDojo, Laura has travelled the world with her friends and the robots they build together. Discover how Laura’s journey has led her to mind-controlled robotics and more!

Zaahra and Eesa, using technology to bring families together, United Kingdom

Zaahra and Eesa are siblings who share a mutual love of coding. They enjoy working as a team and using technology to solve problems around them. Find out how Zaahra and Eesa used technology to reconnect with their grandparents.

Avye, inspiring the next generation of women in tech, United Kingdom

Avye has been coding since she was 7. She is passionate about robotics and closing the gender divide in the tech industry. Learn how she’s leading the way for girls into coding.