Community stories

When young people are given opportunities to learn and create with technology, they can do incredible things. Meet the next generation of digital makers who are using technology to shape the world around them, and the educators who are teaching them.

Yolanda, working towards equity in tech, USA

“The computer gives me the tools to be an artist, to create things, and if it does that for me, just imagine what it will do for kids!” Computing educator and researcher Yolanda Payne is passionate about making technology accessible to all. Watch her story to see what Yolanda has learned while teaching her students.

Toshan, giving back to the community through mentoring, India

Toshan found help in the global Raspberry Pi community on his coding journey. To give something back, he set up a CoderDojo for other young people in his hometown. Watch his story to discover why mentoring is such an important part of his life.

Laura, building robots to change the world, Romania

"I want to bring a change to the world."

Since meeting like-minded tech creators at her local CoderDojo, Laura has travelled the world with her friends and the robots they build together. Discover how Laura’s journey has led her to mind-controlled robotics and more!

Zaahra and Eesa, using technology to bring families together, United Kingdom

Zaahra and Eesa are siblings who share a mutual love of coding. They enjoy working as a team and using technology to solve problems around them. Find out how Zaahra and Eesa used technology to reconnect with their grandparents.

Avye, inspiring the next generation of women in tech, United Kingdom

Avye has been coding since she was 7. She is passionate about robotics and closing the gender divide in the tech industry. Learn how she’s leading the way for girls into coding.

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