Celebrating the community: Avye

We’re excited to share another incredible story from the community — the second in our new series of inspirational short films that celebrate young tech creators across the world.

A young teenager with glasses smiles
Avye discovered robotics at her local CoderDojo and is on a mission to get more girls like her into tech.

These stories showcase some of the wonderful things that young people are empowered to do when they learn how to create with technology. We hope that they will inspire many more young people to get creative with technology too!

Meet Avye

This time, you will meet an accomplished, young community member who is on a quest to encourage more girls to join her and get into digital making.

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For as long as she can remember, Avye (13) has enjoyed creating things. It was at her local CoderDojo that seven-year-old Avye was introduced to the world of robotics. Avye’s second-ever robot, the Raspberry Pi–powered Voice O’Tronik Bot, went on to win the Hardware category at our Coolest Projects UK event in 2018.

A girl shows off a robot she has built
Avye showcased her Raspberry Pi–powered Voice O’Tronik Bot at Coolest Projects UK in 2018.

Coding and digital making have become an integral part of Avye’s life, and she wants to help other girls discover these skills too. She says, I believe that it’s important for girls and women to see and be aware of ordinary girls and women doing cool things in the STEM world.” Avye started running her own workshops for girls in their community and in 2018 founded Girls Into Coding. She has now teamed up with her mum Helene, who is committed to helping to drive the Girls Into Coding mission forwards.

I want to get other girls like me interested in tech.


Avye has received multiple awards to celebrate her achievements, including the Princess Diana Award and Legacy Award in 2019. Most recently, in 2020, Avye won the TechWomen100 Award, the Women in Tech’s Aspiring Teen Award, and the FDM Everywoman in Tech Award!

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During my career in IT, I remember reading an article about the dearth of women in IT. As part of that article, there was some evidence stated that in the “early days”, women were generally better programmers then men. At the time, I disagreed with them about the number of women because my department was lead by a very smart woman, and half the team was made up of women as well. That was a great place to work.


Way to go Avye! I can’t wait to see what is next around the corner from you and all the others you inspire.
Keep it up!


Good on you Avye!


The IT world DESPERATELY needs more wizardettes! In my experience, the ladies excel in improving the end-user experience in tech. It is no accident that many of the user interface projects in the FOSS domain are or have been led by women. I wish Avye and her mom the greatest success in their efforts.


Avye and her mom deserve the best of luck in their endeavors


The industry needs the women and is very welcoming to them, but there is a peer culture attitude that paints the roles in an unfavourable light and makes it a less attractive for some. An image problem if you like.

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