Celebrating the community: Zaahra and Eesa

Today we are launching an exciting series of impact stories from the community, to shine a spotlight on some of the young people who are learning and creating with technology through our educational initiatives.

A sister and brother smiling while doing digital making at a laptop
Zaahra and Eesa have been learning to create technology through attending Code Club and taking part in Coolest Projects!

These stories get to the heart of our mission: to put the power of computing and digital making into the hands of people all over the world.

Designed in close collaboration with families across the world, our new series of short inspirational films showcases some of the wonderful things that young people are empowered to do when they learn to use technology to address the issues that matter to them.

We are incredibly proud to be a part of these young people’s journeys — and to see the positive impact of engaging with our free programmes, coding clubs, and resources. We can’t wait to share their unique experiences and achievements with you as we roll out the series over the next few months.

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Meet Zaahra and Eesa 

The first story takes you to a place not far from our home: London, UK.

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Zaahra (12) and Eesa (8) are a sister and brother coding team and live in East London. For the last four years they’ve been learning about computing and digital making by attending regular sessions at their local Code Club. Zaahra and Eesa love working as a team and using technology to solve problems around them. When they found it difficult to communicate with their grandparents in their first language, Sylheti, the siblings decided to code a language learning app called ‘Easy Sylheti’. Eesa says, “We wanted to create something that was helpful to us, but also to our family and the community.”

A girl and boy standing on the grass in a park

When Zaahra and Eesa decided to take part in the Coolest Projects online tech showcase with their app, they never expected that it would be picked as a favourite by Coolest Projects special judge Eben Upton, CEO and co-inventor of Raspberry Pi!

“I’ve discovered that I’m capable of a lot more than I thought.”


Describing the effect of learning to create with technology and seeing the success of their app, Zaahra declares, “I’ve discovered that I’m capable of a lot more than I thought.” And she’s using her new-found confidence to continue helping her community: Zaahra has recently taken up a role as youth member on the Newham Youth Empowerment Fund Panel.

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This is AMAZING! Well done Zaahra and Eesa!!!

Reply to Aaisha Islam


Thank you 😊

Reply to Zaahra


Well done to zaahra and essa, I really love your app idea especially helpful for the sylheti community as there isn’t many such learning tools out there to support our future generations to learn our heritage. You are both an inspiration to us all!!

Reply to Jagrul Miah


This is a very good initiative, well done to Zaahra and essa for coming up with your excellent idea for an app to help the future generation to learn their native language and to communicate with their elders. Keep up with the hard work!

Reply to Muhammed Azizur Rahman


Excellent Zaahra and Essa. What a Marvelous Inventors. We are very proud of you both.

Reply to Jusna


What an amazing app! Well done to both Zaahrah and Eesa. So proud of you both!!

Reply to Saida


Well done Zaahra and Eesa! This is such an outstanding and thoughtful app. This will break communication barriers for many in our community. Great job!

Reply to Mohammed Miah



Reply to Supra


Wow! This is very impressive. Well done both. This will help a lot of 3rd and even 4th generations. You should be very proud of your achievement!!



Nice! Hope you these things in India as well. 😊

Reply to Tejas Singh YT


Super duper proud of you Zaahra and Eesa you put a lot of hard work into coding this app. The whole concept is amazing and the app can be used to help so many! Fantastic work! Xx

Reply to Pushpa

Katie Gouskos

We are so proud of Zaahra and Eesa too! Thank you Pushpa for all your support and help. It’s been a joy to get to know you and your family.

Reply to Katie Gouskos


Well done Zaahra and Essa this is such a amazing things you both done. May Allah bless you.

Reply to Asma


What a wonderful app, well done Zaahra and Eesa! This app will definitely be an excellent communication tool, super proud of you both!

Reply to Kulsuma


great one! nice! well done Zaahra and Eesa!

Reply to Willard Robson


Great job, Zaahra and Eesa!

Reply to Davidson



Reply to Solero


Such a lovely community. You guys are amazing. More power to all of you!

Reply to Matthew


Wow way to go, what a way to influence the younger generation!

Reply to Jay

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