Sahibjot, computing on a global stage, India

I have played so many games in my life, why not make one and others will enjoy the same experience that I had as a child.

My name is Sahibjot and I am from Mohali, Punjab in India and I am 14 years old. So, as a child, I always played games, like all other children, so eventually watching videos and other stuff on YouTube, I found out that people spend, like, thousands of hours developing games.

I got to know that how to begin with coding, like with platforms, like, visual codes, like Scratch and other stuff. I always felt that I have played so many games in my life, why not make one and others will enjoy the same experience that I had as a child.

For my cousin, I made a personal game for him, and he played it and he liked it very much, so once he played it, I felt that, yes, this is what I want to do with my life.

First of all, I didn't know anyone in the coding club, Code Club. It was a little bit scary not knowing anybody and everybody was joking and having fun. So I just sat there and I listened to what Sir said. He told us things about artificial intelligence and other stories like that, self-driving cars. So that really got me into the, like, the coding club mood.

(Rajan) He started exploring, when he got a platform of Code Club, he started, you know, devoting time, and he just created so many wonderful projects.

(Sahibjot) Learning in the Code Club, mostly I got to know about more, like, collaborative work and sharing my experience with others, helping my friends. The lesson I can take further into my life, helping my friends with any particular problem.

(Akshat) Last year, we joined this coding club together and we became friends. He's a very friendly person. Whenever we need him, he just quickly helps us. He helps us to troubleshoot, find any bugs, or even fix our codes.

(Sahibjot) Sir came and announced to the entire class that we were going to be participating in this event, Coolest Projects, and that we'll submit projects that will be shown to people worldwide. I submitted two projects this year. One of them was a ping-pong game, which got featured.

(Rajan) My students are so much excited. "Sir, when it is going to be launched, Coolest Projects?" when I told them. "Sir, what is the last date?", "When the results will be announced?" So they'll remain super excited till the livestream.

(Sahibjot) I told everyone around me that there was going to be a livestream and I possibly might be featured in that, so that was really exciting. I learned a lot about just not representing my school and myself as an individual, I learned about representing my whole nation and taking pride that my nation, India, got to participate in the event.

If it wasn't for Sir, I don't think I would have achieved this much in my coding life. Sir always encouraged me to do things that I would've otherwise not done.

I have an open-minded approach to the future, but I think it will definitely be related to IT line of coding, programming, anything related to that, because I feel that it is my passion and I have to do that in my life. Using code and technology and all of the things like that, I aspire to, like, make effort to do something with the world, like help out people with technology.