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Congratulations to the thousands of creators from 46 countries who participated in Coolest Projects Global 2022. Their projects awed and inspired us. Yesterday STEM advocate and television host Fig O’Reilly helped us celebrate each and every one of these creators in our online event. Check out the gallery to see all the amazing projects. During… … Continue reading →
It’s time for young tech creators to share with the world what they’ve made! Coolest Projects Global 2022 registration is NOW OPEN. Starting today, young people can register their technology creation on the Coolest Projects Global website, where it will be featured in the online showcase gallery for the whole world to see. By registering… … Continue reading →
Like many engineers, I have folder upon folder of half-completed projects on my computer. But the funny thing is that this wasn’t a problem for me as a child. Every other Friday evening, I’d spend two hours at Ilkley Computer Club, where I could show off whatever I’d been working on: nothing motivates you to… … Continue reading →
Howdy, This week, we met one of Instagram’s Top 7 Women in STEM: software engineer and content creator Estefannie Explains it All. She told us why it’s so important to be yourself and why she can’t stop giving away free tech in her Instagram Live streams. We’re still learning about cool stuff you can do… … Continue reading →
In July, winners of the first two Pioneers challenges came together at Google HQ at Kings Cross in London for the Pioneers Summer Camp. This event was a special day to celebrate their awesomeness, and to give them access to some really cool stuff. The lucky Pioneers The summer camp was organised specifically for the… … Continue reading →
We’re two weeks into the second cycle of Pioneers, our programme to give teenagers a taste of digital making. Teenagers make amazing, ridiculous, awesome things when they are challenged to unleash their creativity using technology. In the first cycle, we had everything from a disco pen to a crotch-soaking water trap. Families and friends can take… … Continue reading →
Every day, young people are using digital technologies to solve problems that they care about. They’re making cool stuff, learning how to bend technology to their will, and having lots of fun in the process. They are the next generation of inventors, entrepreneurs, and makers, and we can’t wait to show you what they can… … Continue reading →
Discover a galaxy of ideas, projects, and workshops with Raspberry Pi at Bett Show 2017. We can be found in the STEAM Village and at the adjacent stand (G460). BROWSE OUR FULL TIMETABLE OF WORKSHOPS With STEAM Village talks, drop-in pods, and over 60 workshops running over the four days of the show, our team of… … Continue reading →
Liz: Andrew Mulholland is a first-year undergraduate student at Queen’s College Belfast, and the overall winner of 2014’s Talk Talk Digital Hero award. We’ve known him for a few years (he did work experience with us this summer – he created the Grandpa Scarer learning resource for us with Matt Timmons-Brown). Andrew’s been setting up events to introduce… … Continue reading →
Last month we put out a blog post advertising that I would be doing a tour of America, with a rough initial route, and we welcomed requests for visits. Over the next couple of weeks I was overwhelmed with visit requests – I plotted all the locations on a map and created a route aiming to reach as… … Continue reading →
On Monday and Tuesday this week we ran our third Picademy – two days of free teacher training (aka CPD – it really is free, and there aren’t any catches) – and it was better than ever. We make Picademy available to attend for free: it’s part of our charitable mission. Teachers of all subjects – not just computing… … Continue reading →
Raspberry Jams are being set up by users all over the UK (and further afield – I’ve heard whispers about one in Melbourne, Australia); they’re monthly meetings for Raspberry Pi owners and enthusiasts, hobbyists, developers, teachers, students and families. The Foundation isn’t directly involved in the Jams – they’re being set up by people like you,… … Continue reading →
Today we are introducing you to Code Club World — a free online platform where young people aged 9 to 13 can learn to make stuff with code. In Code Club World, young people can: Start out by creating their personal robot avatar Make music, design a t-shirt, and teach their robot avatar to dance!… … Continue reading →
In our brand-new issue of Hello World magazine, editor Gemma Coleman speaks to Kate Farrell from Data Education in Schools to discuss the importance of teaching data to help students navigate the world. When I was searching for contributors for this issue of Hello World, a pattern quickly began to emerge: “Data? You want to… … Continue reading →
Howdy, It has been a while since we saw a good cyberpunk-inspired project, so we were happy to see Zack Freedman’s Raspberry Pi 400-based creation. We also featured a couple of simple-to-follow audio projects, and a tutorial on how to build a custom USB games controller with Raspberry Pi Pico. The new issue of HackSpace… … Continue reading →
Howdy, We missed you last week – did you miss us? To make up for it, here’s a bumper issue stuffed with a fortnight’s worth of projects, blogs, and news. The winning Mission Space Lab teams of the 2019–20 European Astro Pi Challenge have been chosen! Teams of young people across Europe designed, created, and… … Continue reading →
Umbrella trees, giant mushrooms, and tiny museums. A light-up Lovelace, LED cubes, LED eyelashes, and LED coding (we have a bit of a thing for LEDs). Magic cocktails, melted ice creams, and the coolest hot dog around. Face paint masterpieces, swag bags, and bingo. More stickers than a laptop can cope with, a flock of… … Continue reading →
Howdy, It’s been a week of new things here at Pi Towers: we’ve released our latest free online course about starting a CoderDojo, and a new issue of HackSpace magazine; we’ve announced a new Coolest Projects event for North America; and we’ve reported on an upgrade of the Google AIY Projects Kits! And if that’s… … Continue reading →
Solving problems that are meaningful to us is at the core of our approach to teaching and learning about technology here at the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Over the last eight months, I’ve noticed that the types of digital making projects that motivate and engage me have changed (can’t think why). Always looking for ways to… … Continue reading →
Space matters In September 2014 (as in a couple of weeks) the new Computing curriculum will come into play in schools in England. Basically this means that ICT as a subject will be replaced by Computing and that students from the age of five will have the opportunity to learn an exciting and powerful new… … Continue reading →
There’s been a media brouhaha about coding recently**. The Hour of Code puts this into perspective—it’s all about demystifying what coding is, having a play and realising that it isn’t as arcane or difficult as you thought. Of course at one end of the scale, computer science can be as challenging as it gets. But… … Continue reading →