Cambridge Computing Education Research Symposium 2020: Posters

CCERS 2020 included two virtual poster sessions, where posters were presented on the topics of learning, teaching, content, broadening participation and school-level factors.

You can view the posters using the links below.

Poster Session 1

1. Learning graphs: a strategic approach to computing curriculum planning (George Boukeas, Andy Bush, Rebecca Franks, Ben Garside, Sway Grantham, Ben Hall, and Allen Heard) 

2. Effective use of mathematical equations in an online learning environment (Andrea Franceschini, James P. Sharkey, and Alastair R. Beresford) 

3. Could an integrated, student-centred approach to computing curriculum design have a positive impact upon students’ problem-solving attitudes and behaviours in Key Stage 3? (Julie Price) 

4. Investigating the impact that the Raspberry Pi online learning project has on teachers’ self-efficacy in teaching computing (Alex Parry, Martin O’Hanlon, Mac Bowley, and Matt Hogan) 

5. Communicating computer science in schools: a case study (Anandha Gopalan and Jackie Bell) 

6. Challenges facing computing teachers in Guyana (Lenandlar Singh, Sue Sentance, and Penelope De Freitas)

Poster Session 2

7. Mapping the use of physical computing at Key Stage 2 in England (Katharine Childs)

8. The journey is the destination: process-oriented data visualisations to explore appropriation in open-ended robotics (Veronica Cucuiat)

9. Investigating the relationship between programming and natural languages, and the impact of applying language learning tools within the PRIMM framework (Alex Parry)

10. Singularity: a DataDrivenDance (Genevieve Smith-Nunes)

11. Early findings from Isaac Computer Science (Eirini Kolaiti)