New free online course about building makerspaces

Helping people to get into making is at the heart of what we do, and so we’ve created a brand-new, free online course to support educators to start their own makerspaces. If you’re interested in the maker movement, then this course is for you! Sign up now and start learning with Build a Makerspace for Young People on FutureLearn.

Dive into the maker movement

From planning to execution, this course will cover everything you need to know to set up and lead your very own makerspace. You’ll learn about different approaches to designing makerspace environments, understand the pedagogy that underpins the maker movement, and create your own makerspace action plan. By the end of the course, you will be well versed in makerspace culture, and you’ll have the skills and knowledge to build a successful and thriving makerspace in your community.

Raspberry Pi Makerspace FutureLearn Online Course

Let makerspace experts lead your journey

This new course features five fantastic case studies about real-life makerspace educators. They’ll share their stories of starting a makerspace: what worked, what didn’t, and what’s next on their journey. Hear from Jessica Simons as she describes her experience starting the MCHS Maker Lab, connect with Patrick Ferrell as he details his teaching at the Jocelyn H. Lee Innovation Lab, and learn from Nick Provenzano as he shares his top tips on how to ensure the legacy of your makerspace. These accomplished educators will give you their practical advice and expert insights, helping you learn the best practices of starting a makerspace environment.

Raspberry Pi Makerspace FutureLearn Online Course

Connect with educators worldwide

By taking this course, you’ll also be connecting with talented and like-minded educators from across the globe. This is your opportunity to develop a community of practice while learning from fellow teachers, librarians, and community leaders who are also engaged in the maker movement.

“I like this course and how it progresses from introducing the concept of makerspaces and how they have come to education, all the way through to creating my own action plan to get started.”— Makerspace Educator in Hayward, California USA

Sign up now

The first run of our Build a Makerspace for Young People course starts on 12 March 2018. You can sign up and access all content for four weeks. After that period, we’ll run the course again multiple times throughout the year. Enjoy, and happy making!



Should be quite useful. The world needs more insight on both these modes of learning and on the Maker movement, especially about community-building aspects (in each case). It might even connect to things like innovation ecosystems and business models behind open platforms.

Been somewhat ambivalent about related initiatives, particularly in the xMOOC model. But the FutureLearn model does sound rather intriguing.

Thanks for this!

– Alex

Alexandre Enkerli
Professeur à temps partiel, École des études sociologiques et anthropologiques, Université d’Ottawa
Learning Pathways Strategist, Global Cybersecurity Resource, Carleton University


Thanks, Alex! We agree. Hope to see in the course once it starts : )


I will definitely look into this.


Fantastic! Looking forward to seeing you in the makerspace course, Elfen!


Jag är intresserad att hitta lämpliga program och hur de fungerar lätast.


Is there any certification hours for this course ?


Ok so im a over 50 and bringing up 2 7/8 year olds and need to understand all this tec as i need to understand what thay are doing to so how do i start we did go to the big bang and see you there but very bissy so sighed up to learn mor plesa

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