Ten days to enter our Astro Pi competition

Calling all space coders! A quick announcement:

T minus ten days to the deadline of our latest Astro Pi competition.

You have until 12 noon on Thursday 31st March to submit your Sonic Pi tunes and MP3 player code.

Send your code to space

British ESA astronaut Tim Peake wants students to compose music in Sonic Pi for him to listen to. Tim needs to be able to listen to your tunes on one of the Astro Pi flight units, so we are also looking for a Python program to turn the units into an MP3 media player.  You do need to be 18 or under and live in the UK.

We have some fantastic competition judges: musicians including synthpop giants OMD and film composer Ilan Eshkeri, as well as experts from the aerospace industry and our own crack team of developers.

If you haven’t used Sonic Pi before, here is a brilliant introduction from our Education Team:

Getting Started with Sonic Pi

You can find all the competition information, including how to enter, at astro-pi.org/coding-challenges.



I hope we have an international coding challenge next time.


I agree it sucks that people in the U.S. are not able to join in!!


We’d love to be able to offer opportunities like this in other countries, too. We’re working with UK Space and the European Space Agency on this project, but the Astro Pi units will remain on the International Space Station for seven years, and we hope we’ll be able to work with other space agencies to offer similar competitions in the future.


Are you going to also make the age restriction lower next time aswell?


They did specify that it was 18 or under. So how much lower can you technically go?

That is I would assume that under means also 0-17 in this case yes? :P


nice one



My name is Jemima. I’m student of engineering. One othe projects of our first year is about a robotic car in which we need make the control programation using raspberry pi and handle it by bluetooth module with our smartphone.
We have tried many codes that are in network and since none of them has served us we would like you to help us giving us any advise to program the Bluetooth module in our raspberry pi or a way in which it can work.

We will be so thankful for your help.

Thank you very much to giving us your soon answer.



Hi Jemima! A much better place to ask is our forums: https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/ – there’s plenty of advice over there!

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