Astro Pi cases!

Last month we published a guide on how to 3D print your own Astro Pi flight case. Since then we’ve seen some amazing examples pop up over on Twitter. My favorites have to be the two below.

@KaceyandKristi posted this amazing rainbow flight case – great way to make the most of the layered design!

Kacey-Kristi-Lance on Twitter

@astro_timpeake Tim, our rainbow @astro_pi is ready for coding challenge. #principia inspiring future generations.

You’ll never lose Jonny Teague‘s case in the dark!

Jonny Teague on Twitter

The @astro_pi case in all its glory and luminescence

Dave has found some other fantastic examples:

John Chinner‘s neon orange case was made by Ryanteck.

John Chinner on Twitter

Found an excellent 3D printing shop in Singapore. Spent an hour talking about @astro_pi and they gave me this!

Love the red buttons on this sleek black one:

Mac the Hat on Twitter

@astro_pi 90% complete,few more parts and will be clone of @astro_pi_ir that @astro_timpeake has on @ISS_Research

Patrick Wiatt made this classy silver and blue case:

Patrick Wiatt on Twitter

Completed the @astro_pi 3d printable case today, now we just need the Sense HAT! #newellfonda @Raspberry_Pi

PLA (a material often used by 3D printers) comes in all kinds of different colours – LEFRANCOIS has printed his case using a metallic gold, making it a perfect partner for our original aluminium one.


@astro_pi hi there , here is mine ;)

Richard Hayler, a Code Club mentor from Surrey, went for classic silver filament for his case. He even used the same buttons as the real units up on the International Space Station.

Richard Hayler ☀ on Twitter

Some more pics of our operational 3D printed @astro_pi flight case. …

Our absolute favourite photo is of one of Richard’s Code Club students, Ozzy, posing as mini-Tim to recreate a photo of Tim Peake with an Astro Pi flight unit that’s become famous in the community…

Tim with Astro PiOzzy as mini-Tim

These are fantastic and we’d love to see more of them, but I also have an additional challenge for you – hack our design! Maybe you’d like to add your name to the front, or add an extra handle – surprise us!

I added the words “Raspberry Pi” to my top layer very quickly in Tinkercad, a simple and free in-browser 3D-modelling program.

Screenshot 2016-03-23 11.56.09

I also successfully installed FreeCad on my Pi3 today, and I’m going to see what I can do over the UK Bank Holiday weekend.

Get your printer on and warming up! Here’s a link to the Astro Pi flight case STL files: go go go!