Join us at Picademy @ Google Manchester and become a Certified Educator

Teachers! Become the envy of your maker friends and colleagues by signing up to [email protected] Manchester, our free, two-day, professional development experience for professional educators. We will give you the tools and confidence to create inspiring physical computing projects and lessons using the Raspberry Pi.

Thanks to our partnership with Google, the event is free to attend, with lunch included both days, as well as a group dinner on day one. Accommodation and travel is not covered, and will need to be arranged by you or your workplace.

Location:  Manchester Central Library


  • 15/16 February 2016
  • 01/02 March 2016
  • 14/15 March 2016
  • 21/22 March 2016

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About Picademy

Here’s some video we shot at Picademy Leeds.

Picademy at Google: Leeds

This is “Picademy at Google: Leeds” by raspberrypi on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

On day one, expect to get stuck in to a range of workshops that introduce you to physical computing by using the General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) pins to control simple electronic components and motors. Explore the camera module attachment, make music with Sonic Pi and terraform the world of Minecraft using the Python programming language.

This is my Traffic Light. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

This is my Traffic Light. There are many others like it, but this one is mine.

However, the real fun begins on day two. It’s now up to you to use your newly learned skills to build your own projects. These typically range from the delightful to the ‘dear-lord-you-made-WHAT-now?’ sort of category. Previous #winning projects have included: killer robots, a ‘weeping angel’ simulator, a mobile phone-controlled car, Christmas jumpers with flashing LEDs, treasure hunts in Minecraft, a speed detector that cheers when you’re running fast enough, and many more. We like our educators to go crazy and flex their creativity muscle. By taking ownership of a project, you reinforce the skills you learned on day one while acquiring new ones such as decomposing problems, testing and debugging, and building resilience.

As a recent Picademy graduate and general Raspberry Pi beginner, I was surprised at how much I picked up on the first day and was able to use in a real project for the final show and tell. Also, you really don’t need to worry about not getting understanding something or making mistakes – everyone is super supportive and will happily go out of their way to help you out. In fact, it’s a really important lesson to learn and pass on: that failing to do something perfectly first time is something to be embraced rather than be afraid of.

By the end of the two days, you leave as a Raspberry Pi Certified Educator, ready to go on and spread your new-found enthusiasm to other educators and, of course, to a whole generation of children. All graduates also get access to post-Picademy support in the form of our exclusive Certified Educator community forums.


A cohort of newly-minted Raspberry Pi Certified Educators.

To apply for this event, visit our Picademy Manchester application page.