Raspberry Pi Certified Educators

Become a Raspberry Pi Certified Educator by applying for a Picademy today!

What is a Raspberry Pi Certified Educator?

Raspberry Pi Certified Educators are graduates of our continued professional development programme for teachers called Picademy.

After two days training, attendees of the course are equipped with skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to:

  • have a positive impact on their community with Raspberry Pi, perhaps by attending Raspberry Jams, running workshops or speaking at CAS hubs.
  • take an active role in the Raspberry Pi Education Forum & Google + community to help inspire others.
  • create, test and share classroom experiences, lesson plans or entire schemes of work with each other and the wider community.

How to become a Raspberry Pi Certified Educator

To become a Raspberry Pi certified educator you will need to attend a Picademy either run by the Foundation’s education team at Raspberry Pi HQ in Cambridge, UK, by attending a Picademy@Google run by select community members throughout the UK or by attending Picademy USA.

What are the benefits?

Aside from attending one of the best training experiences currently on offer for teachers, Raspberry Pi certified educators receive:

  • A swag bag of free equipment including the latest Raspberry Pi
  • A virtual badge that can be used on social media and a physical badge to wear at events and conferences
  • Certification that can be used as part of continued professional development
  • Access to the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s education team
  • VIP access to Foundation projects, for example, Astro Pi boards were offered to RCE’s first for free!
  • Opportunity to network with inventive, creative and interesting people from around the world.
  • A booklet of lessons plans and activities that can be used in classrooms and extra-curricular clubs.
  • Computational thinking and Computer Science pedagogy.
  • Creative and inspiring approaches to teaching Computing.

Hall of Fame

Here are some of our Raspberry Pi Certified Educators writing about their experience of Picademy: