Raspberry Pi and Code Club at The Bett Show 2016

Join the Raspberry Pi Education Team at Bett Show 2016, the annual British ed-tech show. We’ll be at ExCel London, from 20th to 23rd January 2016.

With over 60 workshops and talks running over the four days, our team of Raspberry Pi in Education experts will be on hand to help you discover how Raspberry Pis can make computing exciting in the classroom and beyond. Find us at our STEAM Village stand to hear about our weather- and space-themed projects, sign up for our newsletter, and get involved with our free teacher training experiences.

Ready for action: the education team plus Martin O'Hanlon (bluest) and Sam Aaron (tallest).

Ready for action: the Raspberry Pi Foundation education team plus Martin O’Hanlon (bluest) and Sam Aaron (tallest).

Hands-on free computing workshops

This year, you can also visit us at our workshop space located at stand E463, adjacent to the STEAM Village. We will be offering the opportunity to participate in free physical computing and STEAM workshops led by Raspberry Pi Certified Educators, Picademy Teacher Trainers, community members, Code Club staff and volunteers and our young Creative Technologists. We have a huge range of workshops running, from beginner to advanced, from Scratch to Python, that will give you the opportunity to get hands-on with computer science and experience the Raspberry Pi for yourself. To register your interest for a workshop, browse our event timetable below and then fill in the form.

Workshop participants will also get the chance to grab some exclusive goodies including a special edition of our MagPi magazine and an educational book: Adventures in Raspberry PiThese fantastic, free resources will help to get you started on your own Raspberry Pi projects, learn more about our charitable aims, and give you the confidence to teach others about the power of physical computing.

Our Bett Show 2016 workshop timetable

Raspberry Jam @ Bett

For the very first time, we are taking over the Technology in HE Summit Space on Saturday 23rd January to run a Raspberry Jam.

Get hands on with Computing at the Bett Show on Stand E463

Led by the wonderful Raspberry Pi community, Raspberry Jams are a way to share ideas, collaborate, and learn about digital making and computer science. They take place all over the world, including, for the first time, at the Bett Show! Come along, share your project in our show and tell, take part in our workshops and get help with a project from experts and community members. It’s fun for all the family!

Get your free ticket to the event here.

Live Coding in the Bett Arena

We want to make a lot of noise about science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics education at this year’s event. Who better to represent these values than Dr Sam Aaron, creator of the worldwide phenomenon in live coding, Sonic Pi? He will be performing his own ‘algo-rave’ experience to attendees and discussing the benefits of a creative approach to teaching computer science, live from the Bett Arena, on Friday 22nd January.


Sonic Pi in action with creator Sam Aaron

Other talks will take place by members of Code Club, our communities, and by the Raspberry Pi education team across the different stages at Bett, on a variety of topics including:

  • The top five initiatives that are paving the way towards successful STEAM integration
  • Digital Making: encouraging creativity in the classroom and integrating STEAM project-based learning
  • Excitement! Adventure! Making primary computer science more dynamic
  • Putting the Science into Computer Science
  • Inspiring girls to pursue careers in STEAM
  • Astro Pi: Your Code In Space, engaging students in computer science

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, you can register for a free ticket to the Bett Show here.



Raspberry Jam @ BETT is a great idea.


I know almost everyone involved in education will know what STEAM stands for, but for those ignorant passers by like me I looked it up:
STEAM is an acronym for the fields of study in the categories of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

Good luck with the Show I know how exhausting they can be!


I know that STEM is an educational initiative designed to address a shortage of people with expert-level skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics needed by industry for economic prosperity and that the A was added for art and not athletics. It seems art was added because

1. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics are creative activities by nature.

2. There is an even greater shortage of good artists in the world than for the STEM disciplines.

3. Many people who have expert-level STEM skills also enjoy and have well-developed art skills.

4. Learning skills-based art can show students how to learn other skill-based topics.

Although there is no shortage of good athletes in the world, athletics is also skills based and correlates positively with expert-level skills in the desired STEM areas. One can talk at length about the theoretical basis and benefits of curriculum redesign, but in the end it is energetic, informed and enthusiastic teachers who achieve the good results in the classroom. Shows like this one, regardless of what STEAM theoretically means, serve to inspire such teachers. Sounds like a great place for the Raspberry Pi!


I’d love to come and help out or run a session but my school won’t let me come and wouldn’t pay travel, etc :(


I can’t believe that anyone missed the opportunity to mention Sam Aaron’s algo-rhythmic abilities! :D I know, like ALF, “I kill me! HA!”. What’s the HTML container tag for ? Insert it around my feeble attempt at humor ;)

One of these centuries I’m going to get out there for one of these, probably only as a speaker since there’s no way I’d be sent on anyone’s dime in our district. I’d make a great speaker since I can repeat what someone who talks quietly is saying REALLY LOUDLY … did I mention the container tag?


Oops! I forgot the blog posting thingy eats anything that looks like an HTML tag, even if it’s not valid. There should be GROAN and /GROAN tags following “container tag for” in the first paragraph, and before “container” in the second paragraph.

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