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This Blender version isn’t supported by the current Raspbian.

Janina Ander

Hi John! We’ve tested Blender on a Raspberry Pi 4 running the newest version of Raspberry Pi OS and it worked for us.


Is this Blender 2.8? I know 2.7x used to work on RPi3. The new version of Blender has some higher OpenGL requirements.


Repository has Blender 2.79. I didn’t download it because there is a huge change in UI that will certainly confuse a lot of people. Blender 2.8+ is not in the repository and won’t be there any time soon because they changed the 3D graphic driver requirement which current Raspberry Pi does not support.
I’d be very interested to know that Blender 2.8 works for Pi. Please let me know if that is the case for sure.


Whether it supports Open GL 3.3 or not is a good question. I believe that the pi4 has the ES version of OGL 3, which might cause problems. 2.7x also required the full version of OGL 2, but someone hacked it to work with the rpi OGL2 ES drivers. Hopefully someone can hack the Blender 2.8 build to work with ES.


Finding out what they changed with the 2.79 build may help with adapting 2.8+ (preferably 2.83 as its LTS) tho vulkan may help for future releases. Any changes applied ideally doesn’t want to break workbench or eevee (afaik cycles is fine with cpu rendering.)


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