Let’s make digital art at home this week

Digital Making at Home is our initiative to encourage young people to code along with us in their homes across the world. We support them with weekly themed content, code-along videos, live streams, and more!

For our newest theme, we explore making digital art. Many young makers are no stranger to making art, especially the digital kind! That’s why this week, we’re inviting them to bring their most colourful and imaginative ideas to life using code.

So this week for Digital Making at Home, let’s make some art!



I’ll watch this, it’s going to be interesting!


Did the chat happen? All I get is that the video has been deleted for YT violation? What happened?

Ashley Whittaker

It’ll be back up on Facebook soon so you can catch up. Previous weeks are in our video gallery already: https://www.facebook.com/pg/raspberrypi/videos/


Ok. Thanks. I’m not a Facebook regular, though. Any chance this will make it to blog and/or forum? Doesn’t have to be video. A text summary post with pictures is fine.

Ashley Whittaker

After a teeny problem with YouTube yesterday, it’s back up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxDi5Z6JKJY

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