Let’s make art together!

As a digital maker, you’re also an artist! Painters paint, writers write, and you express your imagination using code. So this week for Digital Making at Home, let’s make some digital art!

Reminder: Join us at rpf.io/home on Wednesday for a new LIVE code-along session with Mr C and a special guest! As usual, we’ll start streaming at 2.00pm BST / 9.00am EDT / 7.30pm IST. See you there!

Let’s make art this week!

You’re no stranger to making art, especially the digital kind! This week we’re inviting you to bring your most colourful and imaginative idea to life with code. Art is what you decide it is, so this is your chance to be experimental! Are you ready to let your inner artist out?

To get you inspired, here’s the artwork our team has been creating:

Generate flower designs

Draw inspiration from nature and create your own flowers with the help of Mr C and his sidekick Zac! This video is based on our ‘Flower generator’ project guide (available in 5 languages).

If you love this project, Mr C has two bonus videos for you so you can add more shapes and patterns to your flowers!

Make modern art

Marc’s going to show you how to use Python code to make art with geometric shapes! This video is based on our ‘Modern art’ project guide (available in 18 languages).

Draw snowflakes

Just like all you in the digital making community, no two snowflakes are the same! That’s why Christina is showing you how to create your own digital snowflakes with Python code. This video is based on our ‘Turtle snowflakes’ project guide (available in 8 languages).

Put your work on display!

Maybe the best thing about art is when you share it with others and hear their unique thoughts about it based on who they are and what their life is like. It’s an amazing way to get to know people, and we love getting to know about you through your projects, so share your digital art with us this week.

Don’t forget that you can also tell us your thoughts about Digital Making at Home too!

The world is your blank canvas, digital makers! We can’t wait to see what you create.


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I love that you guys have put all this together. Led to some great memories with my kids this week!

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Are there any rasberry pi applications to make art without coding

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Jan Ander

Yes, there are lots of apps for making art that you can install on Raspberry Pi OS.
To do more complex things, try Inkscape or GIMP. The apps Pinta and Tuxpaint are more beginner- and child-friendly.
Here is our guide on how to install new apps on Raspberry Pi OS: https://projects.raspberrypi.org/en/projects/raspberry-pi-using/5

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