Our team

Raspberry Pi Foundation

  • Alex Parry

    Learning Manager

    Alex is a Learning Manager at the Raspberry Pi Foundation and Computer Science teacher. When not coding, he enjoys table tennis, gaming and wandering in the woods.
  • Alex Williams

    Creative Lead

    Alex specialises in most things Adobe Suite. He loves minimalist design, bright colours, and Five Guys burgers and fries.
  • Alina Hands

    Senior Accounts Assistant

  • Amanda Egbu

    Club Program Coordinator

    Amanda engages with the community in the US as the Club Programme Coordinator. She also enjoys hosting karaoke parties and inviting friends over to paint together.
  • Amy Koheeallee

    Product Manager

    Amy is a Product Manager in the Digital Products team. She loves all things textiles, and can usually be found knitting.
  • Andrew Csizmadia

    Bebras Competition Manager

    Andrew supports Bebras Challenge and OUCC and promotes creative problem-solving. Formerly a computing teacher, teacher trainer and computing academic. In his spare time, Andrew is a trustee of two computing charities, and enjoys travelling, robotics and LEGO.
  • Andrew Morton

    Senior Legal Counsel

    Andrew deals with the legal aspects of the wonderful things that Raspberry Pi does. When not doing that he enjoys running, swimming and trying to play the piano.
  • Andy Bush

    Learning Manager

    Andy develops resources and online courses for Primary teachers. He's previously been a teacher, advisor and product developer. He loves walking, cycling and photography.
  • Angelika Michalska

    Marketing Executive

  • Anna Burton-Corea

    Head of Educational Partnerships

    Anna is responsible for extending the reach and impact of the Foundation's formal education products portfolio. Outside of work she can be found volunteering for her local community sponsorship group.
  • Anna Coe

    Senior Development Manager

    Anna builds fundraising partnerships for the Raspberry Pi Foundation North America. New to the San Francisco Bay Area, she spends her weekends exploring new places, being outside, and learning to garden.
  • Anna Kahn

    Product Manager

    Anna is a Product Manager in the Digital Products team. Outside work she's done poetry gigs everywhere from tiny pubs to festival main stages to the Royal Albert Hall. She roasts a mean potato
  • Anthony Dellow

    IT Support Specialist

    IT support specialist responsible for all things IT related. Animal lover with a few exotic pets such as Lizards and Tarantulas. I mostly spend my free time reading, learning to play piano and playing video games!
  • Anuj Alphonson

    Country Director (India)

    Anuj leads the Foundation's work in India, and specialises in setting up and managing Education, Training & Skilling enterprises. He is an avid reader, follows parallel cinema & tech-based innovations, and enjoys outdoor sports.
  • Asra Begum

    Computer Science Educator (India)

    Asra is a Computer Science Educator in the India team. A devoted person to their role, and in their spare time Asra loves to prepare new sweet dishes.
  • Ben Durbin

    Head of Impact

    Ben uses insights from measuring the Foundation's impact to help shape our strategy and improve our products. He loves running, cycling and gardening (or a coffee and good book when it rains!)
  • Ben Garside

    Learning Manager

    Having been a classroom teacher for 14 years, Ben now creates cool learning materials for secondary educators. Outside of work he enjoys cycling, playing with his children and will happily engage with anyone wanting to talk about space.
  • Ben Hall

    Learning Manager

    Ben is a Learning Manager working on our educator training offers. In addition to creating fabulous learning resources, he enjoys looking for birds, clouds and stars — anything in the sky!
  • Beth Atkin

    Business Manager

    Beth supports our business planning processes, and has a focus on environmental sustainability for the Foundation. Outside of work she is a mum, D&D player, and long-time Neighbours fan.
  • Bobby Whyte

    Research Scientist

    Bobby works on the research team and is an educational researcher and former primary school teacher. He enjoys graphic design, building the perfect smart home, and practicing new languages, programming or otherwise.
  • Bonnie Sheppard

    Programme Coordinator

    Bonnie coordinates and supports the exciting projects of the Research Team. She loves house plants, countryside walks, and a good brunch.
  • Bryony Aujla

    Grants Manager

    Bryony supports our current funders. In her spare time she loves almost anything creative, enjoying the countryside and exploring new coffee spots.
  • Christina Voss

    Software Engineer

    Christina is a Software Engineer on the Digital Products team. On weekends she enjoys imagining new ways to add storage to pretty much any room, reading history books and playing board games with her family.
  • Claire Johnson

    Research Scientist

    Claire is one of the research team. Outside of work she spends ridiculous amounts of time and money on her beautiful horse, Ben, who will do anything for a carrot.
  • Conor Riches

    Software Engineer

    Conor is a maker and hackerspace member, with a soft spot for rainbow LEDs. In his spare time, he loves to read a good book in a nice cafe.
  • Conor West

    Finance Apprentice

    Conor is our Finance Apprentice. In his spare time Conor enjoys playing video games, watching football and walking in the countryside with his dog.
  • Dan Fisher

    Marketing Manager

    Dan plys his trade in the Foundation’s marketing department and is very much alive. He remains unconvinced that a staff bio is a good vehicle for his sense of humour.
  • Dan Halson

    Senior Software Engineer

    Dan is a Software Engineer on the Digital Team. He's a father of two wonderful boys. He can been spotted doing improvised routes up mountainsides in North Wales and making weird bloopy noises with strange musical devices.
  • Daniel Brierton

    Software Engineering Manager

    Daniel has been coding since he was a kid, and now works on CoderDojo community tools to help empower today's kids to learn with tech.
  • Darren Bayliss

    Code Club Community Coordinator (Ireland)

    Darren is Code Club and CoderDojo Regional Coordinator for Ireland. He loves rugby and everything digital making, and a slice of seriously good lemon cake goes a long way with him.
  • Darren Cross

    Director of People and Culture

    Darren is responsible for development and implementation People and Culture across the organisation and making sure we have great people to deliver our mission and a great culture. He is also Chair of Trustees for a multi academy trust and a dad of 3.
  • Diana Kirby

    Research Assistant

    Diana helps coordinate Raspberry Pi's research work. In her spare time she helps run a choir and volunteers at a museum. She can often be found attempting to befriend random cats.
  • Diane Dowling

    Learning Manager

    Diane previously taught A Level Computer Science, now she works on the Ada Computer Science project. She loves coding, robots and alpacas. In her spare time Diane is a trustee of a national charity that runs robotics events for sixth formers.
  • Divya Joseph

    Head of Programmes (India)

    Divya is responsible for managing the CoderDojo and Code Club programmes in India. She likes big dogs and she cannot lie. She makes the best daal and chicken curry, and she loves Bollywood dancing.
  • Divya Mahadevan

    Product Manager

    Divya is a Product Manager for the Digital Products team. Outside of work, she enjoys hunting for the best coffee in her area, cooking new recipes (to moderate success), and running in circles (also to moderate success).
  • Doru Szocs

    Operations and Facilities Coordinator

  • Drew Reed


    Drew is a Paralegal at the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and engages with the legal aspects of the Foundation's important work. He enjoys good food, entertainment, and nature
  • Duncan Maidens

    Director of Learning Products

    Passionate about the value of computing knowledge no matter where life takes you, Duncan oversees our online learning products, such As Ada Computer Science. Duncan enjoys caravaning with his family in his spare time.
  • Ellie Proffitt

    Code Club Global Partnerships Manager

    Ellie works with partners to grow Code Club across the world. She is a passionate advocate for youth voice and has a background in online safety education. She loves road trips in new places, yoga and chatting about internet pop culture.
  • Emma Linney

    Business Process Manager

    Emma leads on process improvements to maintain an environment that best supports our growing team. In her spare time she reads, runs and plans cake interventions.
  • Emma Williams

    Director of Fundraising and Partnerships

    Emma leads our fundraising and partnerships team working with funders to inspire children to create and get excited about digital tech. She loves being close to nature, writing or singing songs and getting lost in a book. She is slightly addicted to LEGO Masters Australia.
  • Faye Magellan

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Faye is responsible for promoting the Foundation. She loves to roam the coastline in her campervan as often as possible.
  • Faye Weatherill

    People and Culture Coordinator

    Faye is a People and Culture Coordinator and is responsible for supporting all P&C processes, including the onboarding of new employees. She loves music, food and being outdoors and is happiest when combining all three.
  • Fergus Kirkpatrick

    Astro Pi Programme Manager

    Fergus manages the Astro Pi Challenge. He’s very noisy! Plays piano, makes beats, bashes drums. Sometimes he goes running, cycling, or swimming.
  • Fiona Coventry

    Impact Analyst

    Fiona helps us understand the impact of our work and how we can do even better. She is also a CoderDojo volunteer and regular board gamer.
  • Freddie Davis

    IT Support Specialist

    Freddie is our IT Support Specialist, looking after everything IT, and ensuring it all clicks! Outside of work he can be found either fixing cars, drinking craft beer, or tinkering with home automation tech!
  • Geraint Ballinger

    Astro Pi Software Development & Deployment Engineer

    Geraint writes software to help young people run experiments and computer programs in space. In his spare time you will see him running up and down hills (or maybe you won't if he is running fast!) or playing his cello in an orchestra.
  • Greg Annandale

    Head of Software Engineering

    Alongside leading engineering within the Digital Products team, Greg is also a photographer and expedition guide. His photos feature as the desktop wallpaper for Raspberry Pi OS.
  • Hae Joo Kang

    Apprentice Software Engineer

  • Hannah Muncey

    Finance Business Partner

    Hannah helps support the Foundation in the Finance team during the week and at the weekends she'll be found running around a hockey pitch.
  • Hedy Brown

    Community Engagement Coordinator

    Hedy is the Community Engagement Coordinator in the US. Outside of work, she can be found lounging in her garden or taking her camper van on adventures with her husband and her dog.
  • Helen Drury

    Senior Events Manager

    Helen finds creative ways to engage more people in the mission of the Foundation. She is also a make-up artist and keeps reptiles.
  • Helen Gardner

    Programme Manager

    Helen manages Coolest Projects - a worldwide showcase of amazing digital tech created by young people. Her dream playlist would be exclusively 90s and 00s feel good pop.
  • Helen Vallence

    CoderDojo Community Coordinator (Support and Communications)

    Helen is the CoderDojo Community Coordinator and looks after Garda Vetting for CoderDojo Ireland. A lover of all things tech and true crime documentaries. Always looking to learn!
  • Isabel Ronaldson

    Global Community Coordinator

    Izzy supports the organisations working globally with clubs and volunteers. In her free time, she likes reading, gardening and yelling about K-dramas. She also likes making terrible puns.
  • Isabelle Smillie

    Senior Software Engineer

    A software engineer on the Digital Products team. Isabelle's weekends are often spent reading, drawing, playing games or trying to skate!
  • James Fudge

    Senior Software Engineer

    James is a software engineer who has been coding since he was sat in front of a Commodore PET. He is a father of two boys and a hoarder of all kinds of computers and electronics.
  • James Robinson

    Senior Learning Manager

    James is an ex-teacher, and now manages our training programmes for educators. He still plays with Lego and drinks a lot of tea.
  • Jan Ander

    Senior Communications Manager

    Manages communications at the Foundation. Has a background in biology, a passion for democratising the design and use of digital technologies, and a deep love of cinnamon rolls.
  • Jana Paul

    Development Manager

    Jana helps fundraise for the foundation and is passionate about connecting donors with our mission. She enjoys long runs, reading, and hanging with her husband and dogs in their campervan.
  • Jane Waite

    Senior Research Scientist

    Jane is responsible for the Foundation's computing education research projects. Her loves are Grace (her gorgeous grown-up daughter), Goat (her crazy cat), and her garden (full of veggies).
  • Jenni Hutchings

    Copy Editor

    Jenni is a Copy Editor. In her spare time, she can usually be found reading, baking, or (very slowly) learning to play the piano.
  • Jess Lucas

    Recruitment Business Partner

    Jess specialises in all things recruitment, and is responsible for finding great people to join the wonderful team at Raspberry Pi. She loves listening to podcasts, doing DIY/home improvements, and exploring new countryside dog walks.
  • Jessie Morris

    People and Culture Business Partner

    Jessie is the People and Culture Business Partner. She loves going for brunch at the weekend, sunny walks with a podcast, and is obsessed with cats.
  • Joanne Vincent

    Senior Marketing Manager

    Joanne is part of the Communications & Marketing Team, supporting the development of our marketing strategy and campaigns. She volunteers at a Girls’ Football Club & enjoys browsing at car boot sales.
  • Jody Carter

    Programme Coordinator - Code Club

    Jody is the Programme Coordinator for Code Club and was a primary school teacher before joining Raspberry Pi. In his spare time he enjoys being outdoors, orienteering and the theatre. He'd like to be able to cross country ski.
  • Joe Edwards

    Partnerships Manager

    Joe establishes corporate fundraising partnerships at the Foundation. He loves playing bass guitar, old-school video games and is a proud dad of three!
  • John McAtominey

    Head of CoderDojo

    John leads the CoderDojo team, ensuring we support the community and continue to thrive. He has an interest in authentic leadership, is a trustee of two Scout charities, and studies Computing at the Open University.
  • John Rajeesh Nagarajan

    State Manager

    John is our State Manager who is passionate about building innovative products and solving complex problems. Outside of work, John enjoys involving himself in Church based activities, playing sports and spending time with family and friends.
  • Josie Damen-Lane

    Financial Controller

    Josie used to be a maths teacher and now crunches numbers in the finance team. She loves music and her claim to fame is playing at Glastonbury festival
  • Kamila Hughes

    Senior Manager, IT and Facilities

    Looks after everything IT for us. Loves Taekwondo, a good brew, and hiking with her family and dog.
  • Katharine Childs

    Research Assistant

    Katharine is a researcher with particular interests in broadening participation in computing and physical computing. She likes football and playing the piano.
  • Katherine Leadbetter

    Code Club Community Manager (England)

    Kat manages the running and development of Code Clubs in England, answering their questions and sharing their stories online. She is learning Japanese, and enjoys playing softball and talking about space.
  • Kevin Johnson

    Club Program Manager

    Kevin is all about engagement in the USA for both Code Club and CoderDojo. You might also recognize him from his GIF work on Twitter. He’s passionate about writing and is an avid air guitarist on the weekends.
  • Laura Holborow

    Learning Manager

    Laura creates learning materials for secondary educators. Laura is passionate about improving uptake and engagement amongst girls in Computing. In her spare time, she enjoys packing the family up into the campervan for fun trips away.
  • Laura Kirsop

    Head of Product Management

    Laura is responsible for digital product management at the Foundation. She's also a mum and a fan of 20th-century architecture.
  • Laura Sach

    Learning Manager

    Laura has worked as an educator in various forms for 17 years. When she's not on the computer you will most likely find her baking cakes, removing the cat from the curtains or corralling her children.
  • Lauren McNamara

    Executive Assistant

    Lauren works with Philip supporting scheduling and putting projects into practice. She loves cooking and watching live music.
  • Laurie Smith

    Director of Operations

    Laurie helps to look after the Foundation's people, operations and finances. In his spare time, he runs a youth group, occasionally picks up a guitar, and generally enjoys life with his young family in Cambridge.
  • Liesl Quinn

    Salesforce Administrator

    Liesl is our Salesforce wizard. Outside of work, Liesl loves all kinds of exercise, especially roller skating with her roller derby team. She is a passionate rugby fan, coffee addict and self confessed gadget geek.
  • Lily Tellier

    Senior Accounts Assistant

    Lily provides accounting support across the Foundation. She enjoys volunteering, exploring new places, plays the piano and loves baking delicious sweet treats.
  • Liz Eaton

    Marketing Manager

    Liz focuses on the marketing for Experience AI. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, running, and reading (and listening to) a really good book!
  • Lizzie Jackson

    Youth Programmes Coordinator

    Lizzie supports the Isaac events programme at the Foundation. She loves all things creative, cheese-based, and golden retriever related (not necessarily all at once). Ask her about jousting.
  • Lois Wells

    Software Engineer

    Lois is a software engineer in the Digital Products team. Away from the keyboard she may be found crocheting a cuddly toy or with her nose in a good book.
  • Lou Loxley

    Senior PR Manager

    Lou is our Senior PR Manager. A self-confessed news junkie and former BBC TV journalist, she also loves detective novels, ginger cats, and a great cappuccino.
  • Louise Matthews

    Programme Coordinator

    Louise is a Programme Coordinator on the Learning Team working across Experience AI, Projects and Code Club World. She loves a good podcast, long walks with her dog, dance fitness and enjoys all things theatre related!
  • Lydia Bolton

    Prospect Development Manager

    Lydia helps the Foundation to find new fundraising partnerships and to connect our supporters to our mission. She enjoys spending time with her young family and spending time outdoors.
  • Mac Bowley

    Learning Manager

    Mac is our Learning Manager. A teacher in his spare time, he enjoys showing people of all ages how computing works! When away from screens, he is an avid baker.
  • Magdalena Jadach

    Software Engineer

    Software Engineer at Raspberry Pi Foundation. Electronic enthusiast, Kazik's mum and foodie. An advocate for diversity in tech.
  • Mamta Manaktala

    Senior Learning Manager (India)

    Mamta is a Senior Learning Manager in our India team. Having been a Computer Science teacher for 15 years, I now create learning resources on Computing and Coding for school students. Outside of work, I read books on life hacks and spirituality.
  • Marc Scott

    Senior Learning Manager

    Marc is an ex-teacher who's responsible for creating and managing the Raspberry Pi educational resources. He's passionate about Open Education Resources and teaching martial arts.
  • Mark Calleja

    Learning Manager

    MrC is a teacher, surfer, maker, hacker, writer, gamer, quixotic ambassador of geekdom, and Raspberry Pi's resident trickster-imp.
  • Matt Hogan

    Learning Manager

    Matt is an ex-teacher with over 20 years experience, he develops content for everyone who wants to inspire young people to learn Computer Science. He is an occasional: surfer, skier, drone pilot, footballer, cyclist, runner, kite surfer.
  • Matthew Sisk


    Matthew is one of the foundation’s filmmakers and animators. He likes to be kept busy being a keen session drummer, mountain biker, and equestrian.
  • Matthew Trew

    Senior Software Engineer

    Matthew develops technology for virtual learning and assessment on the Ada Computer Science platform. Outside of work, he enjoys game development and music, as well as hiking and photography if coaxed outdoors.
  • Max Elkins

    Senior Product Designer

    Max is a Senior Product Designer who spends most of his day in [latest design tool] creating digital experiences. He also enjoys mechanical keyboards, vinyl, (re)installing Linux, and 3D printing.
  • Meg Wang

    Editor (Hello World)

  • Mel Farrington

    Product Manager

    Mel is a Product Manager in the Digital Products team, focusing on our learning products. Her weekends almost always contain coffee with a great book, an art exhibition or a new place to explore (perhaps all three if she’s lucky!).
  • Michael Conterio

    Online Course Production Manager

    Michael is a physicist turned educator who's excited about helping people discover their creativity through coding. In his spare time he enjoys performing stand-up comedy.
  • Neena Patel

    Social Media Manager

    Neena manages & provides strategic direction to the Raspberry Pi Foundation social media channels. In her spare time, she likes drawing, crafting, painting, yoga & jogging. She will be completely distracted if there is a dog!
  • Noeleen Doyle

    CoderDojo Community Manager (Ireland)

    Noeleen supports the CoderDojo community in Ireland. In her free time she's probably chilling with her dog or listening to some music, could be indie, could be kpop, the more variety the better!
  • Nuala McHale

    Global Engagement Manager

    Nuala manages communications and engagement for CoderDojo. She's a Dojo mentor and enjoys seeing kids make hilarious projects. She also loves animals, farming, making things, theatre, the arts, and food!
  • Paidi Ramkumar

    Computing Educator

    Paidi is a Computing Educator in our India Team who is passionate about teaching and helping children achieve their potential. In his free time, Paidi practices close-up magic, speed math, memory training, and plays the flute. He also loves spending time with his family.
  • Patrick Cherry

    Software Engineering Manager

    Patrick works with the Digital Foundation team, helping them deliver their best work. When not corralling engineers, he enjoys being outside — in the garden, up hills, on the water, or on his bike.
  • Penny Simmonds

    People and Culture Coordinator

    Penny is a People and Culture Coordinator in the Foundation. Outside of work, Penny is a keen runner and cyclist and has a passion for baking.
  • Petar Simonovic

    Software Engineer

    Pete is a software engineer. When he’s not coding landscape generators or bee-keeping simulators, he likes to read, listen to electronic music and spend time with his family.
  • Pete Bell

    Learning Manager

    A teacher for 23 years, Pete now creates learning materials for secondary educators. Outside of work he enjoys running, playing with his children and brewing delicious craft beers.
  • Phil Howell

    Chief Technology and Product Officer

    Phil is responsible for delivering the Digital Products which support The Foundation's programmes and mission. In his spare time Phil can be found breaking cars in order to fix them again. He has been known to run, climb and cycle on occasion.
  • Philip Colligan

    Chief Executive Raspberry Pi Foundation

    Philip is responsible for developing our strategy, hiring awesome people, and helping them do great work. He’s also a craft cider maker, school governor, and dad to two young digital makers.
  • Päivi Suomela

    Senior Software Engineer

    Päivi is a senior software engineer in the digital foundation team. Outside of work you'll find her most weekends at the potters wheel covered in clay for her latest ceramics creation.
  • Rachel Bartlett

    Partnerships Fundraising Manager

    Rachel supports the corporate partners who fund the foundation, and builds relationships with potential new funders. She is a proud cat mum to Percy and Lola, and outside of work enjoys hiking and learning to play golf.
  • Rachel Bennett

    Managing Director

    Rachel leads the Foundation's non formal education products and learning experiences globally. When not at work, she enjoys traveling and all things geographical!
  • Ranjitha Narayanappa

    Computer Science Educator (India)

    Ranjitha identifies teaching as her sole passion and strength and when she is not teaching, she travels to explore new places, especially street food. She is a believer in putting the family first.
  • Rashmita Panigrahi

    Learning and Curriculum Manager (India)

    Rashmita is a seasoned computer science educator and curriculum designer with 18 years of experience. When she's not molding young minds, you'll find her embarking on thrilling hikes amidst nature and exploring different cuisines by trying out exciting recipes.
  • Rebecca Moffat

    Programme Coordinator

    Rebecca is a Programme Coordinator at the Foundation. She loves reading and taking her dog, Ted, on long walks, preferably with a pub stop along the way!
  • Rehana Al-Soltane

    Learning Manager

    Rehana is a Learning Manager on a mission to demystify AI and unlock its potential for educators and learners worldwide. When not coding, she likes to take apart electronics, embroider nebulae with e-textiles and practice archery.
  • Richard Hayler

    Director of Youth Partnerships

    Richard runs our Citizen Science programme, including the Weather Station project. He’s an engineer who’s easily distracted by comics, music, rugby, and LEGO. His quest to combine them into a single activity is ongoing.
  • Rik Cross

    Director of Curriculum, Training & Research

    Rik is responsible for developing Code Club curriculum and training materials. Formerly a secondary school teacher, Rik enjoys learning new skills and is currently learning to brew beer.
  • Rob Jervis

    Graphic Designer

    Rob is a designer, published author & illustrator who gets around on a bike. He has an outlandish obsession with documentaries, Mediterranean food and a few obscure genres of music.
  • Rohan Remalli

    Computer Science Educator (India)

    Rohan is a Computer Science Education in our India Team. Passionate about teaching for the youth from all walks of life. In his free time Rohan likes to spend time with family, cooking and travelling.
  • Rujeko Moyo

    Code Club Community Coordinator (England)

    Rujeko is the Community Coordinator for Code Club England. She coordinates and supports England schools on the Code Club Programme. She loves to read and enjoys dancing.
  • Sameer Alam

    Computer Science Educator (India)

    Sameer has a diverse background in India's not-for-profit sector, he has been a development professional for around 8 years. A learner at the core, a problem solver by attitude, a team player by approach and when he is not doing all of these he loves to sing Hindi songs.
  • Sarah Millar

    Copy Editor

    As a copy editor, Sarah plays spot the typo for the Foundation. She is passionate about improving communication between specialists and non-specialists. In her spare time, she does agility and other sports with her dogs.
  • Sarah Roberts

    Code Club Community Coordinator (Wales)

    Sarah is our regional coordinator for Wales. She worked in Astronomy education for years before joining the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and still gets excited about space. Talk to her about circus, cycling, crafts or any type of game to make a friend for life!
  • Sarah Tucker

    Product Designer

    Sarah is a Product Designer at the Foundation. She loves being creative both in and out of work and will try her hand at any craft, from knitting to pottery. In her spare time, she also enjoys running and hiking.
  • Sasha Mishcheriakova

    Localisation Coordinator

    Sasha helps support our community of volunteer translators. In her spare time she enjoys playing video games and making traditional Ukrainian embroidered clothes.
  • Scott Adams

    Senior Software Engineer

    Scott is a software engineer and spends his days coding as much as possible. He loves his 3 boys, noughties indie, coffee, comic books, running, gaming, lego and is partial to a lamb rogan josh.
  • Sean Sayers

    Marketing Apprentice

  • Sofia Mohammed

    US Executive Director

  • Sonja Bienert

    Senior Community Manager

    Sonja has a passion for creating international and educational communities with volunteers. She also loves exploring new and sometimes unconventional hobbies — some that have stuck are baking and baseball.
  • Sophie Ashford

    Marketing Manager

    Sophie is part of the Marketing and Communications team at the Foundation. When she is not busy sharing stories about the community, Sophie can be found seeking out new hikes with her dog or with her nose in a good book.
  • Sourav Pattanayak

    Programme Coordinator (Non-Formal Learning)

    Sourav works in Non-formal Learning out of Odisha, India. He loves nature, children, and stories, and wishes to improve education in the grassroots.
  • Stephanie Burton

    CoderDojo Community Manager (UK)

    Steph supports our CoderDojo Community in the UK. In her spare time, she is getting to grips with her sewing machine and loves to be down by the river with plenty of crisps and a little craft beer.
  • Sudhir Patro

    State Manager, Programme Manager (India)

    I am Sudhir Kumar Patro, I joined the foundation team as State Manager based out in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. I love reading, lots of travel around various parts & meeting people. I am always eager to learn their traditions, culture.
  • Suraj Jena

    Training Coordinator - Formal Education (India)

  • Swapna Guttikonda

    Computer Science Educator (India)

  • Sway Grantham

    Senior Learning Manager

    Sway leads the primary team to develop amazing computing resources for teachers. She enjoys reading books, playing board games and growing things in her garden. She can often be found in Disneyland Paris.
  • Swetha Tungaturthi

    Computer Science Educator (India)

    Swetha is a Computer Science Educator who is passionate about nurturing young minds through teaching by day and savouring music and family time during my moments of leisure.
  • Syed Muthahar

    Computer Science Educator

    Syed is a passionate maker and innovator. He seamlessly integrates hands on experiences into the learning process and inspires students to explore, tinker and develop new ways of learning. He loves to explore new food dishes and likes Hyderabadi Dum Biryani.
  • Tamasin Greenough Graham

    Head of Code Club

  • Toby Pallatt

    Community Partnerships Coordinator

    Toby works with local Cambridge partners to run exciting clubs and events! Previously he was a teacher in game design and game-based learning. Outside of work he is a drummer, avid board game collector, budding birdwatcher, cat dad, and a BSL user.
  • Tom Hadfield

    Community Partnerships Manager

    Tom leads on the development of programmes delivered in partnership with youth and community organisations in the UK. In his spare time, you’ll find him in cinema bars persuading people to watch Inland Empire.
  • Vasu Srivastava

    Club Programme Coordinator (India)

    Vasu engages with the community in India for both Code Club and CoderDojo. She enjoys the drama that entails politics and is an activist by heart. She also loves sports and stationery!
  • Veronica Cucuiat

    Research Scientist

    Veronica is a Research Scientist, interested in how young learners engage with digital making in creative ways. She's also a mum, a cycling enthusiast and in her spare time you can find her at the allotment with her chickens.
  • Vicky Fisher

    Impact Manager

    Vicky is part of the impact team, helping to understand the impact our work has and how we can be better. Outside of work she loves playing board games, watching tennis, drinking copious amounts of tea and reading murder mystery novels.
  • Wariara Waireri

    Senior Partnerships Manager (Kenya & South Africa)

    Wariara is really good at connecting people and ideas to build high impact and strategic partnerships. She leads our work in Africa. She lives in Kent with her partner, daughter and 2 indoor free roam rabbits. Often dreams of relocating to a hot temperate climate with only rain and sun as seasons.
  • Wendy Orme

    Chief Financial Officer

    Wendy leads finance and operations. When not at work she is a keen armchair rugby fan and has been trying to learn the piano. She lives in Cambridge with her partner and has two now very grown up daughters.
  • Zeljka Novak Baxter

    Localisation Coordinator

    Zeljka is a Localisation Coordinator with the Communications & Marketing team. Her achievements include completing Wordle in two rows, and long-distance running.
  • Zoe Brundell-Smith

    Senior Accounts Assistant

  • Zoe Davidson

    Programme Coordinator, Community Engagement

    Zoe supports the Code Club community, she has recently taken up pottery and now owns a lovely collection of wonky pots.
  • Zoë Kinstone

    Director of Clubs

    Zoë leads the Code Club and CoderDojo programmes, supporting young digital makers globally. She also cycles with her wife and two children, speaks at Leaders Plus events and does sporadic origami.