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Data & information

Computers are nothing without data — but with data they can be amazing tools for creating pictures and music, and for organising nearly everything! Explore the 'Data & information' strand of the Teach Computing curriculum with these courses.

Data Representation in Computing: Bring Data to Life

Learn how data is represented through media: audio, visuals, and text.

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Programming 103: Saving and Structuring Data

Learn how to save and structure data in external files, and import files back into your Python programs.

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Understanding Maths and Logic in Computer Science

Improve your understanding and ability to teach maths and logic in computing while building elements of an escape room.

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Introduction to Databases and SQL

Learn what databases are and why we use them. Then, explore how to use SQL to search and manipulate the data.

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Introduction to Machine Learning and AI

Discover the fundamentals of machine learning, how it works, and learn to train your own AI using free online tools.