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Discover our range of free computing courses. Learn to code your own programs, make exciting projects, and build your computing skill set.

Our online courses have something for everyone, from absolute beginners to more experienced programmers.

Learn about Python, Scratch, AI and machine learning, web design, cybersecurity, computing education, and much more.

Learn to program in Scratch

Learn Scratch for free. Discover our online computing courses and learn how to code your own programs.

Introduction to Programming with Scratch

Discover the fundamentals of programming using the block-based programming language Scratch.

Teaching Programming to 5- to 11-year-olds

Increase your programming knowledge and develop effective lessons to teach programming to primary school pupils (aged 5–11 years).

Teach computing: moving from Scratch to Python

Discover how you can support learners to use the thinking and programming skills they learned in Scratch in text-based programming languages like Python.