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Teaching computing to 11- to 18-year-olds (subject knowledge)

Free online courses for teaching computing in your school. Get support and guidance on how to deliver computer science for secondary or 11- to 18-year-old children.

Programming 101: An Introduction to Python for Educators

Explore the basics of Python and code your first program.

Programming 102: Think like a Computer Scientist

Take your Python skills further by exploring algorithms, list structures, sorting, and searching.

Programming 103: Saving and Structuring Data

Learn how to save and structure data in external files, and import files back into your Python programs.

An Introduction to Web Development

Discover web development and learn to build your own interactive websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Introduction to Cybersecurity for Teachers

Discover the core ideas of cybersecurity

Introduction to Encryption and Cryptography

Discover the history of encryption and learn how it’s used in the modern world.

Introduction to Databases and SQL

Learn what databases are and why we use them. Then, explore how to use SQL to search and manipulate the data.

Data Representation in Computing: Bring Data to Life

Learn how data is represented through media: audio, visuals, and text.

Understanding Computer Systems

Discover the components of a computer system and how they interact with each other.

How Computers Work: Demystifying Computation

Explore the fundamentals of computing: computer architecture, binary logic, data processing, circuits, and more.

An Introduction to Computer Networking for Teachers

Build your knowledge and understanding of computer networks as a computer science teacher.

Understanding Maths and Logic in Computer Science

Improve your understanding and ability to teach maths and logic in computing while building elements of an escape room.

Impact of Technology: How To Lead Classroom Discussions

Explore the ethical, legal, cultural, and environmental concerns surrounding computer science.

Teaching Physical Computing with Raspberry Pi and Python

Create simple systems that respond to and control the physical world using the Raspberry Pi and Python.

Design and Prototype Embedded Computer Systems

Discover embedded system design and work your way through the product design lifecycle.

Programming with GUIs

Discover how to build your own graphical user interface (GUI) with Python and guizero.

Teach teens computing: Object-oriented Programming in Python

Learn how you can support learners to understand object-oriented programming principles by creating your own text-based adventure game in Python.

Robotics With Raspberry Pi: Build and Program Your First Robot Buggy

Examine the wider context of modern robotics and build a robot buggy controlled by a Raspberry Pi.

Networking with Python: Socket Programming for Communication

Explore the principles that industry professionals use when programming for networks, and learn how sockets are used to abstract the complexities of the internet.

Teach teens computing: Understanding AI for educators

Discover the world of artificial intelligence (AI), and how it is set to change the ways we teach and learn. Gain valuable experience discussing and using AI tools with your learners.