Explore well-being in September with Digital Making at Home

September is wellness month at Digital Making at Home. Your young makers can code along with our educators every week to create projects which focus on their well-being. This week’s brand-new projects are all about embracing the things that make you feel calm.

Start coding with our all-new projects now!

Through Digital Making at Home, we invite parents and kids all over the world to code and make along with us and our new projects, videos, and live streams every week.

This week’s live stream will take place on Wednesday at 5.30pm BST / 12.30pm EDT / 10.00pm IST at rpf.io/home. Let your kids join in so they can progress to the next stage of learning to code with Scratch!

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Thanks for sharing.

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Love this! Thank you for sharing, great points made! Wellbeing is so important no more than ever!

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Thanks for covering this topic. My problem solved. :)

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Even i started with coding during this pandemic learning from basics. Online platforms are helping me lot. i am sure i will master it one day XD. Well every artist was first an amateur… ;)

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Thanks for posting useful information. You have provided an nice article, Thank you very much for this one.

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Amazing Stuff! Thanks For The Great Share :)

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love this post

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