Keep calm and code, code, CODE

Take a look at yourselves, digital makers — after coding last week’s projects with us, you’re looking happier and healthier already! Our month of wellness continues this week with even more projects, more code-along sessions, and more of your amazing digital making skills. Next stop on the Digital Making at Home train to wellness is…SERENITY!

Code with us live!

You can get cool, calm, and collected with Mr. C, Christina, and special guests during our weekly livestream on Wednesday! You can code-along with Mr. C and special guests on Wednesday at 5.30pm BST / 12.30pm EDT / 10.00pm IST at

Keep looking after yourself with code

This week’s brand-new projects are all about embracing the things that make you feel calm: the environment, food, a soft tune, whatever you like. With code, you can create a corner of calmness that you can rest in whenever you need to. Let’s see what we’re working on this week:

Find your calm in a serene scene

Code your way to calm by creating a beautiful forest scene to help you relax! Code along with Christina’s video or follow along with the project guide.

Code a fruit salad

Fuel your digital appetite by following our ‘Fruit salad’ project guide to create a fruit salad using code. You can make a project that includes all of your favorite fruits!

Don’t forget, sharing really IS caring!

Please continue to share what you’re making with us, it’s really helping us all! Also, we love hearing about your ideas and thoughts around, so share your feedback with us whenever you like.

Be happy, be healthy, and keep coding, digital makers!

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