Raspberry Pi translation community

Volunteer as a translator and use your languages to help us make our free coding resources accessible to young people around the world!

Why translate for us?

You will support us in our mission as a charity: to put the power of digital making into the hands of people all over the world. We want to help people everywhere to learn to code, so we need to offer our free resources in as many languages as possible, so that anyone can use them!

“When children work with resources in English, they often end up following what’s in the pictures. They don’t understand why the game or the program they created works. Translated materials enable them to truly learn and understand programming concepts, and that empowers them to experiment and create more. Translations are therefore essential for learning.” – Wojtek Zieliński, Polish Code Club leader

To see the great work that our volunteer translators are doing for us, head to our projects page and click on the language menu at the top right.

Meet three members of our translation community

two young people coding at a computer

Getting involved is simple

Volunteering is completely flexible, and you don’t need any previous experience with translation or programming! All you need is:

  • Fluent knowledge of English and another language
  • A few free hours
  • An interest in learning something new

You can translate wherever you have an internet connection.

What you get out of translating for us

  • You get all the tools and support you need from us
  • You get to decide how much time to commit
  • You get to meet hundreds of our volunteer translators online
  • You get to use your language knowledge to do something good, learn new things, and have fun

How do I sign up?

“I would encourage anyone who has any interest in translating or coding to get involved, because it is a great way to engage in something fun and new. You will learn so much, explore new things, engage in interactions with other volunteers — the list is endless! The fact that you are helping children all over the world to learn coding is also a reward in itself!” – Maja Manojlović, Croatian translator

I have a question!

When you sign up to join our amazing translation community, we will be in touch within a week to help you get started.

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