Help us grow and support our translation community

As a CoderDojo or Code Club volunteer, you can do lots of small (or not so small) things to support our community of volunteer translators, so that they can create more translations for you.

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What can I do?

Help us recruit translators

We always need more volunteer translators! Use these resources to reach out to your own community:

Motivate our volunteer translators

Share social media posts about the positive impact that our translated resources have on your club with the hashtag #RPiTranslate, so that our translators can see the results of their hard work and dedication.

Run a translation hackathon

Organise a translation hackathon event to get together in a group and translate the resources of your choice. We’ve assembled a hackathon guide to help you plan!

If you’ve already created translations…

You’ve translated some of our learning resources for your club? Then send them to us at We will review them and publish on our website, and we’ll credit you and/or your club so that everyone knows they’re able to learn in their own language thanks to you!

If you’re currently translating some of our resources or are planning to…

Please let us know so we can introduce you to our well-established translation process. This will makes translating easier for you and help us share your translations with other community members.

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Thank you

Through the time you give to volunteering for Code Club or CoderDojo, you can also do much to build and support our translation community. Together, we can help all clubs and Dojos in your country run without any language barrier!