Try web development with Digital Making at Home

Join us for Digital Making at Home: this week, young people can find out how to create web pages with us! Through Digital Making at Home, we invite kids all over the world to code and make along with us and our new videos every week.

So get ready to contribute to the World Wide Web:

Let’s create web pages this week! Watch our video to get coding now.

And tune in on Wednesday 2pm BST / 9am EDT / 7.30pm IST at to code along with our live stream session and ask us all your question about the World Wide Web, the internet, and web development.

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Very technical video just like Hollywood matrix movie.

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This is wonderful. Thanks for giving this wonderful technical knowledge. it really helps who watch

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extremely helpful video….great superbb work

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This site is really helpful to learn digital marketing…..thank a lot for sharing

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