Let’s build the web together

Digital makers, you’re about to get caught in a web — of fun! Last week we built robots together, and this week you can join us to build websites. We’ll show you how to string together your best lines of code to build new things on the World Wide Web. Let’s get started!

Remember that on Wednesday, you can join Mr C, Christina, and two very special guests on our live stream to ask them all your questions about building websites, and we will write HTML code together! Tune in at 2pm UK time (9am EDT/7.30pm IST) at rpf.io/home.

Let’s build the web together this week!

The World Wide Web is an infinitely large playground for digital makers like yourself. This week we invite you to flex your creative muscles and make your contribution to the web. As your creativity and digital making skills grow, so will the World Wide Web!

You can always count on our team to lend you a helping hand — here’s what you can build with them:

Use code to wake up the sun! 

Rise and shine! Christina shows you how to use HTML and CSS code to create an animation of a sunrise on a web page. This video is based on our ‘Sunrise’ project guide.

Wanted for awesome coding!

A wanted poster showing a robot

You’re WANTED….for your amazing HTML/CSS coding skills! Follow our ‘Wanted’ project guide to design a cool poster on a web page.

More web building — LIVE!

On this week’s live stream, you can ask us all your questions about the internet, the World Wide Web, and web development! Then watch as Fíona, one of this year’s Coolest Projects participants, shows you how she built TeenBeo, her website about teen life and wellbeing

We want to get stuck in your web projects!

Who does the World Wide Web belong to? All of us! The web is ours to contribute to and share. That’s why we would love for you to share your website project with us.

It’s time to start building, digital makers! Let your code run free and, as always, have fun. We can’t wait to see what you create. 

PS Individuals and organisations all over the world contribute to make it possible for us to create free-to-access content for you FOREVER. If you want to learn more about making contributions to our work, visit our donation page.   

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