Lance Howarth
When I first joined the Raspberry Pi Foundation, over a year ago now, one of my first assignments was to build a weather station around the Raspberry Pi. Thanks to our friends at Oracle (the large US database company), the Foundation received a grant not only to design and build a Raspberry Pi weather station … Continue reading →
Lance Howarth is CEO of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, leading our charitable mission. People are sometimes surprised to learn that Raspberry Pi is a charity: every penny we make from selling the Pi goes into our charitable mission, where it’s used to support schools, train teachers, create resources and help fund other computing and learning initiatives. Back … Continue reading →
Please note this competition is now closed. You met Lance Howarth, the CEO of the Raspberry Pi Foundation (this means he heads up our charitable giving), when he joined us earlier in the autumn. Today Lance has some news for you – and a very silly hat. Lance says: Ho Ho Ho! Here at Pi … Continue reading →
As you’ve probably noticed, Raspberry Pi is a rather unusual organisation. We have two functions: we make and sell tiny computers, and we promote children’s education. These activities support each other (all the money we raise from selling Raspberry Pis is put straight back into our charitable activities), but are in many ways separate, and … Continue reading →