One of the challenges I always found in teaching is that at times it can be quite isolating, particularly when working in a small department. You spend most of the day with your classes, or planning for them. You catch up with your colleagues in weekly meetings, but opportunities to share and reflect can be … Continue reading →
Chris Roffey, creator of the excellent Coding Club books, got in touch to tell us about the 2013 UK Beaver Computing Competition. He says: “This November there is the chance for all school students to enter the UK’s first Beaver Competition for FREE! I think it is a great opportunity for all groups of students … Continue reading →
BBC Radio Wales’ Science Cafe programme this week came from the Sony factory in Pencoed, Wales, that makes the Raspberry Pi for us under licence. It’s only available for UK listeners (my mistake – the BBC’s territorial thingbat doesn’t extend to radio broadcasts, so you can listen anywhere in the world – as long as … Continue reading →
You might remember that we mentioned last year that a team of UK teachers from Computing at School (CAS) was working on a Creative Commons licensed teaching manual for the Raspberry Pi, with recognition and encouragement from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. That manual is now available at the Pi Store (which you’ll find on your Raspberry … Continue reading →
Liz: Commander Coder, one of our friends from Computing at School, left the message below on our forums last night. Because I know not all our forum visitors read the  Educational applications section, I’m copying what he posted here. Please consider whether there’s anything you can do to help out – we really value community input … Continue reading →