Hour of Code 2016

What could you do in an hour? Perhaps you could watch an episode of a TV show, have a luxurious bath, or even tidy the house a bit! But what if you could spend an hour learning a skill that might influence the future of your career, and perhaps your whole life?


The Hour of Code is a worldwide initiative which aims to get as many people as possible to have a go at programming computers. Our aim is to put digital making into the hands of as many people as possible, so here at Pi Towers we have cooked up some exciting projects for you to try, all of which can be completed in an hour.

Have a go at making a version of a whoopee cushion (a favourite Christmas cracker toy in my house) using physical computing, invent your own lyrics for The Twelve Days of Christmas, or simulate your cat floating in space. Many of the projects don’t even require a Raspberry Pi: you can get started with Scratch just by visiting a website.

Physical computing projects

Scratch projects

Astro Pi projects

Programming projects

We are also holding a digital making event at Pi Towers on Wednesday 7 December: if you can travel to Cambridge, then register, join in and achieve your hour of code!

Whether you are a child or an adult, it is never too late to start learning to code. When I was a teacher, I always loved participating in the Hour of Code: the students couldn’t quite believe they were given an hour to do something they would willingly do for fun. What they didn’t know is that the teachers secretly had a lot of fun testing out the projects too, although some of the resulting sounds did cause a few raised eyebrows in the staff room!

Once you’ve started coding, you might not want to stop, so head over to our resources section for more inspirational projects to tackle. Intrepid teachers can download the second issue of the MagPi Educator’s Edition to find out how to take things further in the classroom. The sky’s the limit! Well, actually, if you’re doing one of our Astro Pi projects, space is the limit…



Nice! thanks for great content :)


My favorite version of the 12 Days is this one:


I am in my first computer class and I am doing my project on a TOR Router, but I have no earthly idea where to begin. My teacher told me to ask on here for codes and what program I should use, please any help will be appreciated.


I think your teacher probably meant the forums, not the blog comments – click on the “forums” link right at the top of the page. (And check out https://learn.adafruit.com/onion-pi/overview to get started.)


You cannot create an entire cat meme with Javascript, unless you can also force people to spread your image and reference it for humor.
I’m pretty sure there’s no brain programming API, though. Otherwise memes would be brain-infecting ads generated by massive companies, not in-jokes that travel through culture.


I love Hour Of Code! There is a Minecraft one too :) :)

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