Ben’s USA Tour Dates

Today I fly to New York to start my Raspberry Pi USA Tour!

Thanks to everyone who submitted a request for me to speak for them while on my USA Tour. I’ve adjusted my route according to where most of the requests were located, and I’ve been organising dates with those who contacted me.


I’m travelling from New York City to Salt Lake City over two weeks, stopping at a different town each day. Most days I’ll either be speaking at an event or going in to a school or other organisation. Most events will be open to the public. The dates and towns are as follows:

Tue 05 Aug – New York City, NY
Wed 06 Aug – Washington, DC
Thu 07 Aug – Raleigh, NC
Fri 08 Aug – Charlotte, NC
Sat 09 Aug – Greensboro, NC
Sun 10 Aug – Duluth, GE
Mon 11 Aug – Chattanooga, TN
Tue 12 Aug – Talladega, AL
Wed 13 Aug – Somerville, TN
Thu 14 Aug – Louisville, KY
Fri 15 Aug – St. Louis, MO
Sat 16 Aug – Kansas City, MO
Sun 17 Aug – Kearney, NE
Mon 18 Aug – Denver, CO
Tue 19 Aug – Rock Springs, WY
Wed 20 Aug – Salt Lake City, UT

See my tour page for the full list of events with details and links to sign up. The page will be updated as information comes in, so if I’m coming to a place near you, keep checking back for details.

If I’m passing through your area then come and see me speak or get in touch to see if we can meet up!

Liz adds: Ben is currently at the airport, where, according to Twitter, he is trying to be humorous by signing on to the WiFi network  as Edward Snowden. If we don’t get a call asking us to come and bail him out within the next couple of hours we’ll assume he made it onto his plane.