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Sherry Coutu CBE has been a member of the board of Raspberry Pi Trading for a couple of years now; she’s an exceptionally valuable member of the team, and we’re very grateful to her for donating her time  and expertise to our organisation.



Today we’re really excited to be welcoming Sherry to join the board of the Raspberry Pi Foundation as well, so she’s now going to be working across both the trading and charitable sides of the organisation. Sherry’s extraordinary. This month she was placed in the top ten of Computer Weekly’s Most Influential Women in Tech list. She sits on the board of the London Stock Exchange (when she and Joanna Shields were taken on, they were the first women to be appointed); she’s also on the boards of Zoopla, the University of Cambridge‘s Finance Board, Cambridge Assessment, Cambridge University Press, and Cambridge Temperature Concepts. And because she’s somehow managed to cram more hours into the day than the rest of us are given by nature, she’s also on the advisory boards of Linkedin, the Natural History Museum and the Royal Society.


Thanks Sherry – we’re really glad you’ve come on board on the Foundation side of the organisation too. It’s terrific to be able to have access to your skills across the whole spectrum of what we do here at Raspberry Pi, and we’re looking forward to working more with you.



WOW! .. can you get any more talented/qualified? … Liz and Eban … if you feel a little in awe, ask her if she can pat her head and rub her tummy at the same time … It’s a great leveller … As for me, I think I may have spent a bit to much time on the xbox!


Well, I can rub my tummy while whistling Rammstein – Klavier and tapping my head on the rhythm of the song, but I’m not sure if I can make my own temperature logger with DS18B20 and ESP8266, being completely new to electronics.

So I guess she will be able to do that as well if she tried, just as I should give my project a shot. Amazing board member at Raspberry Pi Foundation! :) Congrats and thanks for helping out with anything at all.


So…is she going to convert the London Stock Exchange to run on Pis?

Seriously…great “catch”. She probably sees the RPF as doing “something completely different” and at the same time this will raise the visibility of the RPF as a serious organization, so a double win.


Welcome Sherry Coutu. :-)


Welcome aboard Sherry!

However. I don’t really think ‘gender’ is in any way important here – what IS important is that our humble little Pi is demonstrating just how truly important it really is – by being able to attract some seriously ‘well-connected’ people as ‘members of the board’.

ex fundamentum ad astra

Cheers, Niall

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