Invade space with your own sprites!

This week’s live stream is now available for you to watch and share with your family and friends!

You’ll love this live stream if you’re interested in video game development: you get to meet Lee Taylor, our special guest who talked to us about his work as a professional graphics artist and game developer. He also gave some great advice to our special guest coders, siblings Sophia and Sebastian, who joined us from Atlanta, GA in the United States.

Together with Mr C, Sophia and Sebastian created their own sprites in a Space Invaders-style Scratch game. To try making your own sprites, check out the program they used on the live stream: Piskel, a free online sprite editor!

Don’t forget that we’ve got another awesome code-along video to help you design your own game graphics too. And we’ve collected some cool videos about the role and history of graphics in video games.

See you on next week’s live stream!

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