Graphics make the code go round

What would we do in a world with no graphics? Graphics make the code go round and round, helping us to understand both the virtual and the real world. We’ve got a few treats for you to help you see the magic in graphics!

Check out this awesome video that explains how design techniques help you play one of our favorite games: Super Mario Bros.

Breaking down Super Mario’s world

Super Mario Bros is one of the most popular video game series of all time, but did you know that it’s also the perfect example of masterful level design? That’s right! In this video, game designer Dan Emmons talks about the different techniques used in the original 1983 game and how the graphics and their different purposes help guide you through the game.

After watching this video, why not go and use what you’ve learned to code your own Super Mario Bros–style game with the help of this week’s code-along video?

Additional resources

  1. The recording of this week’s live stream, where we talked to a professional video game artist
  2. Video: A Brief History of Graphics
  3. Processing: Making art with code — find out about Processing, a programming language dedicated to creating graphics

Share your graphics!

It’s amazing what you’re able to do with graphics, and now that you know how to create your own graphics, your options are endless. We would love to see your projects and share them with our global community, so don’t forget to share your work with us here!

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