Let’s crack the secret code!

Psst…this week you’ll be spies on a top secret digital making mission with us, and we know you’re the perfect coders to get the job done! Let’s work together to crack the code and find out what secret message awaits!

And this Wednesday at 2.00pm BST / 9.00am EDT / 7.30pm IST sneak over to rpf.io/home to uncover more secrets with Mr C and a special guest in our next live coding session!

Help us crack the secret code this week! 

The secret’s out that you’re all amazing digital makers around the world, which is why we need your help to uncover the secret message that Agent C has sent. You’re not in this alone: our team has gotten a head start and they’re waiting for you to join them!

Decode the secret message

Agent 003.14 has sent Agents M and X a secret message, encoded using a Caesar cypher. Code along with them to discover what the message says!

Create a Caesar Cypher program in Python

Illustration showing a robot holding up two envelopes

In this week’s video, we’re deciphering our secret message using a Scratch program. You can learn more about the Caesar Cypher that Agent C used to hide her message, and create your own encryption program in Python, if you follow our free ‘Secret messages’ project guide (available in 19 languages).

Create fun usernames for yourself

Illustration of a mobile device asking the user to enter their username

Another way to stay safe online is to make up usernames for yourself instead of using your given name. Follow our free ‘Username generator’ project guide to make a Scratch project that creates as many fun usernames as you wish! This project guide is available in 10 languages.

Keep your things safe online

Illustration of a laptop that has locked itself because the wrong password was entered

You know that part of staying safe online is having good passwords. So that you don’t have to make up your own passwords, follow along with our free ‘Password generator’ project guide to create a Python program that creates passwords for you! This project guide is available in 11 languages.

Don’t keep your project a secret!

Don’t hide your coding skills — show them off by sharing what you make this week with us! You can also share any of your ideas and feedback to help us make the Digital Making at Home program better for you!

PS: It’s no secret that our resources are available for free FOREVER because of the amazing individuals and organisations that support us every day. Please spread the word about what we do, and consider supporting us with a donation. Thank you for being a part of our community!

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